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    I have a few machines in a non-WSUS environment, i.e. Windows Update only.

    My Server 2016 1607 wants to install July cumulative KB4338814 released July 10:


    However, four known issues in that update have been fixed in cumulative KB438814, released yesterday.

    The whole point of waiting to update is to avoid buggy patches. So how do I force Windows 10/2016 to skip a buggy patch and download the new one? There is no “Check for Updates” button when an update installation is pending.

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      I’d sit on it for now and wait as we are at MS-DEFCON 1 Current Microsoft patches are causing havoc. Don’t patch!

      I’m not up on W10, perhaps someone could assist that is more knowledgeable in this area.

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      There is also a SSU for 1607. I think KB4132216 (you need to verify).

      But, yes, I would wait a while. There are too many problems out there.

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      Thanks. SSU KB4132216 is from May so I assume I have that.

      But the question I’m trying to ask isn’t “do you think I should update now?” I _want_ to update this environment as a test.

      The question is, once Windows 10 or 2016 offers an update, how do I force it to re-detect updates so I can get the latest update?

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        Don’t know the answer.
        I would start by hiding it and pulled the trick you did a few months back – pull the plug on the Interned till it gives up, hide it with wushowhide,  There is a DISM command to cleanup pending (somewhere mentioned in the last month on this site. Run Disk Cleanup and clean up System Files = Windows, DO, etc.

        My system is to just try things – not very scientific, but sometimes it works.

        If you are just testing why not download from the Catalog and do a manual? Then the other will go away.

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          Part of the testing is learning how to manage Windows updates in production. Downloading from the catalog is cheating :).

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            @mcbsys as @pkcano suggests the catalogue using, for example wusa.exe C:\kb??????? /quiet /norestart but as I note you cant “Cheat” alas, although no one at @askwoody will say a word, we promise. Not dabbled with 2016 Server. Last Serv. I had my paws on was Win2k so my advice is probably no use hope you get it fixed.

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            There are no tricks like those presented here to be used in production.
            Use WSUS or even better SCCM (which include WSUS for updating but has a lot more features) for any production related machines.

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              Sometimes “production” means three desktops at a client site plus a couple remote machines. Typically too small for WSUS.

              I’m also trying a WSUS environment at a small client, not feeling the love on new Win10 1803 installs:  dozens of Office updates “pending download” (per the Win10 machine) with no way to get them to start downloading and installing, WSUS insisted that the May cumulative update is needed even after I approved June.

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              At the customer with WSUS, after rebooting the W10 client, the ~50 Office updates that were “pending download’ now show as installed. Never did they actually show “Installing…” in Settings.

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            It is far worse than cheating, it is asking for trouble!

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        usoclient startscan
        from command line on all Windows 10/2016 except for 1803, unless it was fixed on the last one recently.
        Alternatively use WUMT.

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          Confirmed that usoclient startscan re-runs the WU scan. Thanks! As of 7/18, the updated 7/16 patch is still not being offered by WU.

          Examining the Task Scheduler tasks under Microsoft > Windows > UpdateOrchestrator is instructive. We have

          usoclient StartScan
          usoclient StartDownload
          usoclient StartInstall
          usoclient RefreshSettings
          usoclient ResumeUpdate

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            Yes, forcefully resetting all your update settings. It’s shortly going to be ALL MS way or the highway. No stopping the steamroller.

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        The sequence that seems to work for me is:

        1. hide the update in wushowhide
        2. disconnect the internet
        3. start the updates that are showing and then close “settings”
        4. stop the windows update service
        5. go back to windows update – I usually find a message there along the lines of “updates couldn’t be installed as your pc was switched off”
        6. reconnect the internet
        7. check for updates (this should also start the windows update service again)

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      Well I may have a partial answer. I have a PowerShell script to check WU directly for available updates. Even though KB4345418 was released yesterday, Windows Update is still only offering KB438814 to this machine. I’ll wait a day and see if that changes.

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      Hmm…the Edit button on the main post is gone…. Please note the correct KB number here:

      “However, four known issues in that update have been fixed in cumulative KB4345418, released yesterday.”

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        The edit time is limited after post. (Don’t know the exact cut-off). After that, you can’t edit.

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          If you create a post, log out and then log back in, the edit option also disappears.

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      Other than wasting time, there is no problem in installing both patches in sequence, with reboot between installations. See my post below for ways to work around the issue of not being able to re-scan against WU/MU.
      Even installing the so-called buggy patches is likely not to affect negatively most of the users reading here and this applies to all OSes.
      The recently released patches on July 16 are in the category of Updates (which means Recommended Updates) and not Critical or Security Updates.
      The originally released patches are the Security Updates and they have not been expired, only somehow hidden or throttled until further research from Microsoft I assume.
      Still better to avoid all July patches until the issues are sorted out or at least clarified or unless there are other factors mandating installation, like regulatory compliance.

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        @ch100, thanks for that analysis. I did waste the time this morning to install the July 10 patch on one Server 2016 machine. Fortunately it came back up, but when I read that there are known BSOD fixed in the next patch, I’d rather skip the one with known issues.

        Does WU on 10/2016 ever offer Recommended Updates? I’ve already noticed that it doesn’t offer optional updates like Silverlight, some driver updates, etc. I don’t miss Silverlight, but I do miss the ability to add or remove a check mark to indicate when to install each individual update.  Maybe I need to try WUMT.

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          Does WU on 10/2016 ever offer Recommended Updates?

          I don’t think they are called Recommended Updates, but if you check the Catalog, you will notice Security Updates (regular CU, released once a month second Tuesday), Critical Updates (generally SSU) and Updates, which I assumed to be Recommended for the current batch of updates. Otherwise they could be Optional. The interpretation is up to the user/administrator. Other Updates are the out of band CUs, which are more like the Preview Updates and as such should be seen more like Optional, although they are production grade too, at least in intention.

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            Whatever they’re called, does W10 or 2016 ever install anything besides Security and Critical through the “standard” Settings > Updates pane?

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      Up through yesterday, the only July cumulative update offered by WU for Server 2016 was KB4338814, so I finally applied that to all machines. Today, each machine is offered KB4345418. That’s an extra 1.2GB download, an extra 30-60 minutes, and an extra reboot for each server. In other words, installing KB4338814 was a waste of time because it’s (finally) superseded by KB4345418.

      Sure wish I understood the rhyme and reason of how/when updates are offered on WU.

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