• How to contact a real person at gmail.com?

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    How to contact a real person at gmail.com?

    I have had this computer for over 15 with Windows 7. I had my gmail account for over 14 years. Same Internet Provider. I am old and do not have a cell phone. Over 6 months now, i can not log into my gmail account. It says that using unknow device. Something must be wrong on their end since it is the same computer as before. My password and username are in the my notebook next to my wallet.


    Only thing I can think has changed is IP address. I have tried to release and refresh IP address. But nothing in 6 months has helped. I have over 100 IP address since than.


    If there is no contact info for a real person, where do I set up another email that does not required a cell phone or other MFA beea*** and is simple to use for old person like me? It seems gmail does not want me any more after over 14 years with them. I can not use MFA and I never use it since I do not have a cell phone.

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      Are you attempting to access gmail from the website?

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      You can’t connect to real person at Google (unless you are an enterprise)
      For Gmail problems Google has a forum

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      1) What browser are you using?
      2) What is the version of the browser?
      3) Have you noticed any new extensions in your browser recently?

      The first thing I would do is do a browser reset (including emptying cache and cookies..do a search on how that’s done for your browser).

      Next, I would use an online virus checker to see if there is any malware. Search for Esset Online, that’s very reliable and free. It will take some time to run.

      If Malwarebytes works on your rig, I woul run that. Not sure if it still works on W7.

      You’re running a very old operating system right now. Without a TON of work, you are vulnerable. I doubt your issue is an IP one, unless your antivirus or some malware is doing that.

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      I doubt your issue is an IP one, unless your antivirus or some malware is doing that.

      I can confirm from my similar situation that it is IP. Plus others that I heard or read about. I recall an article on zdnet or pcmag or similar that person move in San Francisco from one IP provider to another and could not get back into their account. Gmail has made it impossible to get back into account even when you know your username and password.


      I too lost my gmail account over 3-4 years ago. My IP changed from dial up to FIOS but same company. Gmail would not let me log in. I heard others had the same issue. I as well do not have a cell phone. I am too old to use cell phone. I have only landline that now is FIOS and many MFA does not work with it. I like my copper lines better. They worked in power outages. Now I am locked out of many accounts when it happen. For improvements to happen, the old and weak have to be herd and be ____like sheeps. I was one of those that did not make it. Now this old timer has nothing. Sorry but you have join this group. Nothing can be done but say good bye your gmail.


      I was using an older system than you. I was and am still using Windows Xp. I have checked back than and now. I had no virus. It was just a change in IP. I still can not log into my account today. Gmail takes my username and password. But it shows that need to authenicated with a cell phone. I do not have a cell phone. It will not take FIOS number since it is not verified. I am still using the same device. Only change was IP change. May be the same thing happen to you.

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      Gmail makes it impossible for old people to use it. I had it but than some new security kept giving that I was not on same device after I enter my password and want a phone number. I was on same device.  I have not found an email that works for old people without cell phone for over 1 year now. I still try to log in every two months to it but still says not same device.

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      Google will occasionally require account verification if it detects a change in your device or location.

      This short video From Google Help gives the options for using 2-step verification for your Google account without access to a phone. https://youtu.be/iup3HTrcO28

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      I’ve used Gmail and I think it’s very amateurish. I have been using Mozilla’s Thunderbird Portable for years and have no complaints.  You can just copy the whole thing from one unit to another, no ‘installation’ needed, and it does everything a mail program should. It doesn’t require cellphone verifications, it has good junk filters and rules options, you can make as many folders as you need and make rules to route certain mails to specific folders, you can make templates to use as business or fax cover pages, and what more do you want from an  email program? Quadratic equation solving?

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        I use Thunderbird with my Gmail account. Thunderbird is not an email provider, it’s just another client for an existing email service of your choice.

        Of course, in addition one can still use the Gmail web interface as necessary, but I find that too minimal for use at home on my main workstation. However the Gmail web mail interface is lightweight and suitable for use on my laptop, phone, or tablet.

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        Thunderbird is only a piece of software and the email is still provided by some company unless you run your own server.  2FA (two factor authentication) issues can happen no matter what software you use.  IMO this makes it risky to lose access to an old phone number so try to avoid that.  Note that most services do not require a “cell” phone – many can send voice codes to landline phones.

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      It seems I am the fourth person with this same issue. We should create an email provider for old people if one of us know how to do that.


      I lost my gmail account about 5 years ago. I changed my provider from Comcast to Spectrum. After that, I could not get into my account. I now changed to Verizon so now there is zero chance of getting my account back. May be if I knew about the 10 codes before I switch would have been great. I did register the device long time ago but I cleared cookies and that wiped out the register device.

      Gmail should after two-three months of no activity of signing and same person sign in with username and password give them limited access back to account or access to ask question in the forum. But that seems to be common sense and there is very little common sense left.

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      Maybe write a letter to AARP, they advocate for us oldsters.


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      use throwaway email like maildrop.cc. But only for non important emails since anyone get into the inbox and see the emails. You can not send emails. I use it for few places now that I lost access to my gmail account at some point. I can not recall how long it has been. I am too old to keep track. All the days and nights are now the same for me. At least I know that there are others that are in the same boat as me.

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      I think the topic line for this thread is the answer to why use GMAIL to begin with. Yes, it’s free and I’d say it’s worth the price. How many users here have lost their access to their Gmail because they switched ISP’s or some other dumb excuse? For a whole $10/month I have my own domain email that I can access with their interface through any browser,or T-Bird, which I prefer, I also have the cell number for the people in charge of the site where this lives, and they have and will provide immediate help if needed.

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