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  • How to install AMD chipset drivers on Win 7 after newer mobo/CPU install

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        As a small Biz owner I spent 22 hours this past weekend dealing with a Win 7 issue on a new AMD AM4 mobo with a Ryzen CPU installation. To make a long story short the mouse does not work on Win 7 installations due to a request by Microsoft intended to force people to upgrade to Win 10. Microsoft has also intentionally disabled the ability to use the keyboard to move the mouse making it almost impossible to install Win 7 on newer hardware as Win 7 checks the hardware and reports that it is “Unsupported” and refuses to install.

        My problem was I already had Win 7 on the HDD with all of my Biz files and no means to back them up to do a fresh Win 7 install and I was only replacing/updating the mobo and CPU because the older mobo was failing. On AMD AM4 mobos the USB ports do not function until you install the chipset drivers. Later mobos often have only one PS2 port so you can’t run the mouse and keyboard off of one PS2 port unless you have a Y-cable and your mobo maker supports this option in BIOS. Asrock and other mobo makers offer a USB patch for those doing new installations but IME Win 7 refuses to re-install after detecting the newer unsupported hardware even with a patched Win 7 CD or USB drive. I searched and searched and made patched CDs and USB drives until I was blue in the face. I also had to drive back and forth from work to home covering over a 100 miles to make the patched installation devices. I can’t tell you how many times I cursed out Bill Gates and Microsucks for their evil actions…

        In the end I was able to find some AMD chipset drivers and copy them to a CD. By using the Windows key on the keyboard to access the Start button I was able to type in: D:\ and eventually highlight the file on the CD using the arrow keys, then I pressed enter to start the file on D:\. The driver routine ran but warned me the chipset drivers were not correct because it saw the old mobo not the newly installed one. The first attempt it refused to install but on the second attempt is worked and finally the mouse functioned and I could install the LAN driver and other required drivers.

        Now it’s one thing for Microsucks to “not support” newer hardware and quite another to maliciously prevent users who have paid for Win 7 to not be able to run Win 7 on newer hardware. IMO a trillion dollar class action lawsuit should be brought against Microsucks for their illegal actions to prevent the use of Win 7 on newer hardware.

        Feel free to share the AMD chipset driver on a CD install for those with an already installed Win 7 OS on their HDD/SSD. It’s the only way I found to install the drivers and believe me I searched and searched and searched. There is an Intel Creator 3.0 applet that might help Intel CPU customers but I do not believe this will work for AMD Ryzen CPU users. If someone were to make a .exe version of the AMD chipset file for a CD this would eliminate all issues and everyone could use it if they just need to install the chipset drivers to an existing Win 7 installation. If not for finding the AMD chipset drivers I would still be fighting this issue going on four days…

        Here is where I found the AMD drivers (At the bottom of the page):

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        Good you found a solution but of the 6 AMD-based computers I’ve built [still have 4 that I Upgraded to Win10] I always used the CD/DVD that came with the motherboard, never had an issue. There were some time back where ‘retailers’ sold the boards without any needed supporting items such as the mounting screws, the back plate, etc.

        Before you wonder "Am I doing things right," ask "Am I doing the right things?"
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        The problem was that Win 7 was already installed on the HDD and had all of the Biz files/programs. The USB patched Win 7 installation CD would temporarily install the chipset drivers but when the Win 7 install routine checked the hardware it detected the new mobo and Ryzen 7 1000 series CPU and refused to go any further as Micro** intended to force people to upgrade to Win 10. So by just installing the chipset drivers and not re-installing Win 7, all worked well. However actually being able to access the chipset install file on the CD was painful as Micro** intentionally disabled keyboard operation of the mouse – again to force people to upgrade to Win 10. This is why IMNHO they deserve to be sued for malicious and illegal blockage of the customer paid for Win 7 OS.

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