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    INTERNET By Lance Whitney Browser cookies can be helpful or harmful, depending on how and why they’re used in your browser. The key lies in taking con
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      I also like to have a button at the top of my browsers to automate the cleanup process, should I choose to do so. Tools like Forget Me Not for Firefox and Hotcleaner’s Click And Clean for Chrome and Edge seem to do this trick, once I set them up. Ghostery also seems to help with Chromium based browsers, by not allowing cookies to be set in the first place. Disabling Ghostery for a site which requires more cookies or trackers is pretty easy.


      -- rc primak

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        Yep, good suggestions. I’ve used Click and Clean and Ghostery, and they both definitely ease the process of cleaning up and managing cookies and other data.

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      Google Chrome

      To manage your cookies in Google Chrome, click the three-dot icon in Chrome on a Windows PC or the Chrome menu on a Mac. From there, go to Settings and select the category for Privacy and security. Click the option for Cookies and other site data. Under General settings are four different choices:..

      There no such settings in Chrome (Windows 10).

      Cookies are under : Privacy and Security > Third Party Cookies > see all site data and permissions or chrome://settings/content/all

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        Interesting, Alex. For me it is where quoted, on my work-issued Windows 10 notebook. (I don’t have Chrome on my home PC.)

        Edit: Right after I took that screen shot Intune updated it from .87 to .121, but the Settings layout remains the same.

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        I double-checked as well, and the settings are the way I described them on my end. I wonder if you’re running an older version of Chrome. The latest version is 112.

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      I wonder if you’re running an older version of Chrome. The latest version is 112.

      I am running Chrome Version 113.0.5672.35 but had the same screen on version 112.

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      The EASY way of doing all this is simply to have more than one browser.

      One like Firefox is tightened up security wise in any of the gazillion ways and settings(about:config, ublock origin) you deem desirable.

      The other browser, most likely Chrome or other Blink based, is left mostly as is.

      The first browser is now securely tightened, but will not be usable for some things because of it. For these things, you simply use the other browser!

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