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    I am new to these forums, but I use multiple other types of forums, so I’m familiar with how forums work.  However, I am really struggling here.  For example, I cannot find a link to “mark all messages/forums/topics as read”.

    I want to be able to login daily and only see the posts since the last time I logged in.  How do I do that?

    Currently, when I’ve tried the “new posts since last visit” link at the bottom right, it pops up with over 20 pages of posts.  And, this happens whether it’s been a day or even when it’s been 3 hours.  I don’t have the time or inclination to read 20 pages of new posts.

    Thank you.

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      Something tells me that the feature sought after does not exist.  Funny though, when I click “posts since last visit” I get “Oh bother! No topics were found here!”  This can’t be possible because I don’t log in daily & there should be results.  It tells me there might be a flaw in the way the forum generates the info to display in this regard.

      What I usually do is click “recently active topics” & scroll down for items of interest that say “unread” or “new” perhaps a page or two depending on how far back I want to go.

      “Latest topics” is similar, so perhaps experiment with that one as well & see which one is preferred.

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      Are you using the “Remember me” check box at the login?
      Are you allowing cookies from AskWoody?
      Are you deleting all the browser information from AskWoody when you close your browser (or use clean-up software)?

      The site (or your computer) may not be able to remember you’ve visited or what you’ve looked at if there is no data for it to remember.

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        I do allow cookies and I do not delete browser information.  I may use CCleaner or something comparable once a month or so.  I have not checked the “remember me” box because I have found in the past (on other forums) it doesn’t appear to do much of anything.  But, I will try it and see.

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        Remember me always gets clicked at login.

        Cookies from AskWoody are allowed.

        My browser history is cleared the first of the month.

        Periodic login just to make sure the forum & my machine get a chance to say catch up.

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      I have asked about this during the change over and was told that this Forum does not have that function.

      BUT, it does need it and should be at near the top of the list to be added!


      Woody, can we get this function?

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