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    I thought I had my Facebook account locked down, but this article pointed out some things I missed:


    This post in the comments section after the article was interesting, too. Facebook must be setting a tracking cookie to monitor your activity after you log out. I’ll let CCleaner deal with that, but to each their own.

    “I suggest everyone do what I’ve done for the past several years. I use Chrome for all my browsing the internet and Firefox SOLELY for Facebook. I also have Firefox’s settings to where it doesn’t accept cookies from any site except Facebook and have Chrome set to block cookies from Facebook in case a friend were to use my computer and try to log into Facebook (happened once and they were confused why they couldn’t log in).

    Background for why I do this: I learned a few years back that Facebook tracks what you do even when you’re not logged in. This became very apparent when I had emailed an eBay seller regarding something I had bought. A couple days later, I saw on my suggested friends list that that person, with whom I had no mutual friends nor any possible connection aside from one email regarding an eBay item, was listed there (despite me having always logged out of Facebook when not in use).”

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      Everybody who uses Facebook should read the linked Yahoo article and make changes to their settings if they care about their privacy. Being the suspicious type, I never use Facebook to “sign in” to anything. I get a kick out of asking people “if Facebook is free, how do you suppose they make billions of dollars?”

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      If you erase your temporary internet files and cookies before going into Facebook, you won’t see ads for the websites you just visited.

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      Great information, checked mine and was very surprised at the results. I decided to provide this information to my facebook friends by posting the link. Guess what, within 15 minutes that post was removed by facebook. Guess they don’t like us having this information.

      UPDATE: Just checked after about 3 hours and the post is back on. Perhaps override from a censors boss. Not sure but it is there now.

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      Perhaps someone else with a FB account would post this, and everyone join in, until FB desist from suppressing what, to them, are unpleasant truths.

      I don’t have an FB account, and won’t have one.

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      + 1 john


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      Thanks! Got some cleaning to do.

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