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    Hi Loungers,

    As some of my earlier helpers may know, just purchased online a new Windows 11 Home laptop (https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop/pdp/hp-laptop-17z-cp200-67k43av-1) . Our last computer purchase (desktop and laptop with Windows 7) was in person in 2011 with the advice of our wonderfully helpful rep at Office Depot.

    He has retired and I’m not at all sure what I do to set up this new machine properly without his direction. I do remember that there will be some initial set up instructions in the box, but will that be enough to get Internet, email, etc. working?

    Can someone here (hopefully) provide some guidance or suggest some places I could check so I get this set up correctly?

    If there is more information you require, just let me know and I’ll post it. The computer arrives in a few days…I’m trying to be proactive!

    Thanks for any suggestions,


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      Take a look at AKB6000007. If you have further questions, come back and ask.

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      Thanks, PK. I did a first quick glance: it’s for Windows 11 Pro. Will it be much the same for the Home version?

      The Home and School selection states: “Your organization will have full control over this device”. Is this a concern?


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        If you use the no@thankyou.com as the ID when asked for a MS ID, and enter any password, you will be able to create a LOCAL ID. It will give you an “Oops” on the invalid ID then ask you who will use the device. Enter the ID/password you want.

        If it asks to look for updates say “no, later” then before you log in (at the login screen), disconnect from the Internet and go through the Settings, Control Panel, etc and get you privacy settings set before you reconnect and deal with updates.

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      Might also be an idea to image the system as soon as you can as a ‘keeper’ during the warranty period, just in case you need to RMA. (ya never know..)
      Purpose being, that if it were RMA’d during the warranty period, you could backup your data and restore the ‘keeper’ image for your own privacy just before sending the laptop back 😉

      No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created IT- AE
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      Great suggestion, Microfix. Thanks!

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      Per MicroFix’s excellent suggestion do your initial Boot via a USB bootable recovery drive for a product like Macrium Reflect. This way you can Image the drive BEFORE you make ANY changes. So if you have to return the device you can restore that image and it will be like it was fresh out of the box. Makes returns much easier.

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


      PowerShell & VBA Rule!
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        PKCano: Great. This additional suggestion will be a big help.

        Retired Geek: Thanks for expanding on t Microfix’s image suggestion. I understand better its purpose…and I do use Macrium Reflect so am reasonably comfortable with the process.

        NB: great to hear from you. I wondered where you had gone as I hadn’t seen you in here for a while!

        Kathy: excellent suggestion, if our very tight computer budget can stretch to another $40. It certainly sounds like a positive solution for non tech types, such as I!! Would this work to move from a Win 7 to a Win 11?


        P.S. I’m seeing from this advice that I won’t really know exactly how to proceed until the computer is here and I get started. Do you agree? (except for possible purchase Kathy suggested).


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          LapLink specifications indicate that it is comparable with Windows 7/11 machines.

          What software do you plan on using on the new computer and who is providing it?

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            Just came in to shut things down and saw all your new posts. Thank you!

            I did check Susan’s post, WCHS and appreciate the suggestion.

            Kathy: still not sure about the answer to your software question. It sure would be great to be able to use Office 2007 without having to sign up for Office 365 just yet. The 2007 suite handles our needs just fine for now.

            I feel kind of dumb, but it’s been so long since I’ve had a new computer, I truly don’t know what is NOT on it that IS on the current one…and that I’ll need. Guess when I get it going, it’ll become obvious what isn’t there that I need to be there. Suspect that’s the biggest advantage of the LapLink you suggested.

            Again, huge thanks to all of you. I feel much less panicked about this than I did. Even better, it is a relief knowing I can stop and post a question here if I get stuck on the setup.

            Back soon,


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              If the only application you use on your old computer is Office 2007 you may want to hold off purchasing LapLink.

              It is my understanding that Office 2007 is not compatible with Windows 11 so moving it from the old to new computer may be problematic.

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      After setting up Windows consider using Laplink – PCmover Ultimate – Windows ($39.99 from BestBuy)

      “To use PCmover, simply install it on both your old and new Windows computers, and follow the easy-to-use wizard. When the transfer is complete, your new PC will have the personality and functionality of your old one. Because most transferred applications are installed ready-to-use on the new PC, there’s usually no need to find old CDs or previously downloaded applications, serial numbers, or license codes. A single purchase of PCmover provides one license to migrate from one source to one destination computer – with as many attempts needed. Additional computers will require an additional license(s).”


      If you buy PCmover make sure you purchase a version that includes a transfer cable.


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        Before using Laplink – PCmover make sure that you have enough storage on the new machine.

        Check to make sure that the storage usage on your old machine is less than storage capacity on the new PC.

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      Good suggestion, Kathy. Can I use my current (old) Office 2007 on new Win11 laptop? Would sure simplify things for the immediate future if I could!

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      If you haven’t done so already, you might want to take a look at Susan’s topic Things I do to every newly installed computer.

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      It has TPM so it probably comes pre-encrypted (I always encrypt my laptops).

      As you appear to be using a local account the recovery key will not be uploaded to MS. You will need to save it to USB / paper etc. Make sure you have more than one copy saved on a reliable device / in the cloud.

      cheers, Paul

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      Let us know how it goes.

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      Lots more to read and learn, as I can see, Paul and b.

      And this is part  of why I decided not to upgrade to Windows 10 back when MS offered it. Couldn’t face the technical issues it might have brought on an older machine at a time when we were backed up in our business. Right now, I’m tamping down concern and planning on a positive – and step by step – start with this new laptop, backed up (thank goodness) with all the support so generously offered in this Lounge!

      I’ll keep you posted.

      Many many thanks to all of you,


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      You may want to take a look at the thread Office Outlook 2007 at


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        Thanks, Kathy. I did check out your link. I switched to Thunderbird (my being a fan of Firefox) on the PC a couple of years ago.

        The old laptop (which is dead) ran Windows Live Mail. My thinking right now is to start totally fresh with Outlook on the new laptop and leave all the TB emails on the old desktop. This is a whole new topic so when it’s time, I’ll start a new thread for advice. You Loungers in combination know everything!!

        Appreciate the suggestion and your keeping an eye on this thread.

        Unpacking the laptop this afternoon so I’m getting there!

        Back soon (ish),


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