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    WINDOWS By Lance Whitney The Photos app in Windows 10 and 11 will help you view and organize all the photos and videos scattered across your PC and ot
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      Excellent article. Didn’t know the Photos app had those capabilities. Question: can it link to the Google Photos site (photos.google.com)?

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        Thanks. Glad you found the article helpful. There’s no direct way to link to Google Photos online from the Windows Photos app. There are a couple of workarounds but they all require more of a manual process where you’d have to sync and download the photos to a folder on your PC and then link to it from the Photos app. I tried it but it’s pretty kludgy.

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      Learned a LOT from this article – thanks!! Any way to also view file names in Photos app (Win 11)?

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        Great, so glad you liked the article. There’s no way that I’m aware of to display the names of photos in the app. You can hover your mouse cursor over a photo, and the name pops up. But that’s the only option I’ve seen.

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      I have several beefs with the Photos app, and with Windows generally:
      1.  Raw photo files typically contain an embedded JPEG image, plus if you’ve loaded either a camera company’s raw CODEC, or Microsoft’s Raw Image Extension app, or both, Photos will first open and display one JEPG, then either build or fetch and display a second.  These two images are visibly different.  There is NO TRANSPARENCY as to the source of the JPEG that is ultimately displayed.
      2.  There is NO TRANSPARENCY as to whether Photos applies the color standard (sRGB, Adobe 1998, etc.) identified in the file’s metadata.
      3.  There is NO TRANSPARENCY as to whether Photos displays the image using the default system ICM color profile for the monitor.
      4.  When opened, vertical raw file are first displayed vertically, then are rotated 90 degrees.
      5.  If the user opens a JPEG file in Photos and then rotates it to better view it, the app alters and saves the JPEG file without asking.

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