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    I’m new to office 365, and I apologize in advance for possibly not phrasing this correctly.

    I have a 10gb pst file from my almost 10 year old outlook 2013 email that is tied to my website domain, myemail@mydomain.com, that I access with a pop3 connection. I have purchased a Microsoft 365 license. I was easily able to open the 2013 pst in the 365 version of outlook, also set up with pop3.

    My goal though, is to have Microsoft “host” the email, still tied to my domain myemail@mydomain.com address, preferably accessed via imap. I have read that office 365 can “host” pst? files up to 50gb so that is no problem.

    So my challenge is, how do I get my local pst file “up into the microsoft 365 cloud” and tie it to my myemail@mydomain.com address in outlook 365?

    Thank you.

    PS are there any disadvantages of having my email in the “365 cloud” as opposed to locally just using the standard outlook pst?

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      PST is local file used to store old messages locally, so they do not eat server resources.
      Im not sure, if you can “upload” your existing PST into the outlook web-based application.
      I am sure you can add the PST file into your desktop Office 365 through profile properities, but even after that, if I log into the web-based Office 365 (portal.office.com), I cannot see the PST archive.

      My question is, why not use the desktop reliable version installed on your computer? Do you need to access the PST from different PCs? The PST should be uploaded onto cloud somehow, cant see the way how to do this in my account administration.

      My workaround would be:
      – Install desktop Outlook.
      – Map the PST.
      – Create new folder inside your active mailbox.
      – Copy all messages from the archive into your new folder.
      – Your mails will be synchronised to cloud and accessible from everywhere, although your mailbox will be much much bigger.

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      Have you looked at what is necessary for Microsoft to host your email domain?

      Is your current setup Exchange based?

      This may be a good place to start – Migrate email and contacts to Microsoft 365 – Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Docs


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