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    ISSUE 20.43 • 2023-10-23 INTERNET By Lance Whitney The sidebar in Microsoft Edge offers you a handy way to access frequently used tools, apps, website
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      Re Customizing Edge sidebar. There is no ‘+’ sign under my Edge Bing icon.

    • #2596390

      I have no ‘+’ sign under my Edge Bing icon, either. I don’t even have a Bing icon.

    • #2596472

      Right clicking on any of the Top Sites that are there by default does nothing. There is no option to remove.

      I cannot find any Customize pane where these sites show up. They take up a lot of space in the sidebar and, since I can’t get rid of them, I won’t be using Edge.

      • #2596493

        Top Sites appear in the Customise pane. They aren’t in the sidebar. But if you click one it will be. Right-click there to unpin it from the sidebar.

    • #2596498

      I guess I can see how the sidebar could be useful. My issue is that Edge has too much white in its UI. Honestly, for me, even Chrome could stand to have a more condensed version. (I already have to use a custom DPI setting in Chrome or the UI is too big.) The sidebar just makes the cramped space seem even worse.

      They need a more condensed UI, made for mouse users, rather than touch users. That is one thing that might get me off of Chrome.

    • #2596512

      I bought a new laptop with Windows 11. Edge was the default browser that opened as soon as the laptop booted. I set my default pages, which it ignored and opened on bootup with adverts.

      Took me ages to stop this and get it to open when I asked it to with my saved pages.

      Then Edge had an update.  Back to square one!


      My advice: Don’t open Edge! I use Brave and my wife uses Firefox. Edge must never be mentioned in this house!


    • #2596565

      My advice: Don’t open Edge!

      But you need to run Edge in order to download another browser.

      I don’t use Edge but I do update the browser and my default browser setting never change.

      Microsoft now wants you to take a poll before installing Google Chrome

      ..We love having you!

      Can you please take a minute to tell us why you are trying another browser?

      I can’t search Google easily
      I can’t access my Google documents
      I don’t have my favorites or passwords here
      Too many ads and pop-ups
      I don’t like the news feed
      It’s too slow
      My websites don’t work on Microsoft Edge
      My reason is not listed..

    • #2596705

      Which of your websites don’t work on Edge?

      Most of websites don’t work on Edge as I get a little red x at the top : JavaScript was blocked on this page (even on Microsoft new tab)
      I won’t allow JavaScript, so Edge is useless.

    • #2596870

      I’ve thought about trying some of the ‘features’ in Edge/CrEdge and it seems to work OK, BUT even if I never even opened it I’ll have multiple instances of it, 11 in this case, showing up in TaskManager. Why? What the heck is it doing? Why does it even have to be loaded?

    • #2597014

      Caution; Outlook refers only to Outlook.com  Also, Microsoft 365 does not include MS Access.

    • #2597223

      On my sidebar it has some ai chatbot.  I asked it a few questions, the answers seemed legit.  Don’t know if I’ll use it again since I don’t use Edge but it’s a thing I suppose.  Why not just use a search engine in a better browser?  They pretty much all have ai suggestions now.

    • #2597397

      Browsers are too damn complicated nowadays!  They all have hundreds of adjustments, settings, add-on’s etc.

      Does anyone make just a simple web browser any longer?

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