• How to Use the New Post Editor


    Our new post editor uses simple BBCodes only, and they are in the header of the editor boxes, both Text and Visual modes.  Please do not use html, as this could lead to a post being trashed, or creates extra work for MVPs to edit.

    BBCodes offered are:
    – Bold
    – Italic
    – Links
    – Quote
    – Lists (easiest to use Bulleted and Numbered in Visual mode)
    – Code (allows you to show text, without it causing an action to occur)

    The easiest way to use the codes is to type the relevant text, select it, then click on the desired command.  Some codes work better in Text, others work better in Visual – try it out.

    To insert a .jpg/,png, click Insert File, then click Insert into Content or it can only be seen when a site visitor is logged in.  If you edit a text after it has been uploaded, you cannot later delete your inserted file, although you can remove it from showing in the content of the post.
    (If you use the Image Controls in the editor box, the image must be linked to an online source, or it won’t show.)

    We have noted a recent influx of posts being caught as spam after editing.  We have no control over the auto-spamming, but we are able to retrieve it for publishing – you don’t need to repost.  One known trigger for spamming is using 3 question marks in a row!

    Please Note: If you copy and paste from Word without saving it as text first, you import html code, rendering your post at risk of trashing (see 1st para. above).  If you are in doubt, check your post in Visual Mode before uploading.

    Most of this also applies to the Direct Messaging (FrontEndPM) Editor, with some minor differences.

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      Thank you… I was getting all messed up, without trying to. This explains why. Hopefully I can avoid having problems again. 🙂

      I’d like to add that when I wanted to remove an attachment (it didn’t work like I thought once I looked at the post) I ended up trashing the original post… after I had copied the text (which I wanted to keep) to notepad (not Word, ’cause of that html issue… who knew?). Then I was able to do a new reply, copying back from notepad… and then submit that without the picture attached. I thought that was a better solution than leaving a picture I didn’t like.

      Non-techy Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint experimenter

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        Notepad doesn’t cause the same issues with html that Word does 🙂

        It’s good to find workarounds that can help others like that. Thks.

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      If pasting copied content while using the Visual text editor tab (instead of the Text tab):
      click on the right-hand “Toolbar Toggle” button, then select “Paste as Text” before pasting.

      Thank you!  This should prevent the html copy>paste problem

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