• Huge trove of hacked Russian gvernment data revealed.

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    I got this from a newsletter I subscribe to from an outfit that is looking into 14 TB of stolen data, to see what is there, but only subscribers can read it. So further down is a link to NPR that everyone can access:

    The Intercept is indexing a massive trove of data hacked from the Russian government following the invasion of Ukraine — a gold mine that could contain countless revelations about the inner workings of President Vladimir Putin’s regime.

    These files include 14 terabytes of data from Russian federal government agencies, state-owned media, law firms, and the world’s largest pipeline company. The minute we got our hands on it, we knew that we had something truly remarkable.

    Digging through these files to reveal the hidden stories within them is a giant and costly undertaking. And while The Intercept has years of data and security expertise that makes projects like this possible, our technology costs have skyrocketed — server bills alone have doubled over the last few months.”

    There is, as promised at the beginning, also information on this here, at National Public Radio, where everybody can read it (or else listen to it), but is not as easily quoted as the one above, because it is an interview:



    The war in Ukraine has inspired a global community of hackers to steal reams of sensitive data from deep inside Russia. Others are committed to getting that information out into the world. NPR cybersecurity correspondent Jenna McLaughlin spoke with members of a nonprofit that, since the start of the war, has become the biggest repository for hacked Russian data. And she asked about their place in the conflict and the future of journalism.

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