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    A Tesla employee gave more than 100GB of data to Germany’s Handelsblatt

    The German publication Handelsblatt is in possession of more than 23,000 internal files and documents from Tesla after an employee leaked the data. The files include personal information on more than 100,000 current and former employees, as well as thousands of reports of problems with Tesla’s advanced driving assistance systems, Autopilot, and “Full Self-Driving.”

    The earliest complaints in the data trove date back to 2015, and the most recent to March 2022. Most of the complaints arise from the US, although European and Asian customer problems are also reflected in the data.

    More than 2,400 complaints allege sudden unintended acceleration problems. Although Autopilot and FSD have been the focus of headlines for the last few years, during the mid-2010s there were plenty of reports of Teslas taking off on their own accord—at least 232 cases have been reported in the US, although (as often turns out in cases like these) the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found no evidence for a hardware or software problem, instead blaming driver error.

    More than 1,500 complaints allege problems braking, including 139 cases of phantom braking and 383 cases of phantom stops. In February 2022, we learned that NHTSA had opened a safety investigation into Tesla’s phantom braking problem after it received hundreds of complaints after an article in The Washington Post drew attention to the issue. But the problem has persisted, causing an eight-car collision over Thanksgiving after Tesla opened up its FSD Beta program to all owners…

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      <Rant On> If blame emphasis was always placed on the driver there would be much less enthrallment with any driving assistance system, let alone self-driving systems.  A failed system should only be relevant when the driver could not override that system.  Otherwise it’s driver error, period!  Commercials advertising hands-free driving should not exist. <Rant Off>

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