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    My arm is encast.

    I use mouse and keyboard with my left hand.

    Is there a way to lock/unlock ‘cntl’ for multiple file selection ?

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      Sticky keys. Press shift 5 times to activate. Press Ctrl twice and it will stick until you press it again. You can turn sticky keys off by pressing any two modifier keys together (ctrl, shift, alt, windows). Hope you heal quickly!

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


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      Hi @Alex5723, I hope you’re not in too much pain and that you heal quickly as well. You’ll be a left-handed “pro” in no time 🙂

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        I am starting to get the hang of using my left hand 🙂

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          I am starting to get the hang of using my left hand

          With your left hand you move, slide and position the keyboard under your right hand finger which then hits the key you want.
          Is that how?


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      Now go eat your veggies. Eating your veggies will help in two ways: motor skills are required for utensils (start with spoon) and veggies are good for you.

      EDIT: Put the spoon in your left hand, not your right hand.

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      Sorry to hear of your misfortune and hope it was a “simple” break so it heals soon.

      I suffered a “compound” fracture (i.e. both bones) in my lower leg many years ago and had to wear a cast for a total of 4 months; 2 months for one bone to heal, then an additional 2 months for the other one; and can personally verify that having a cast on for an extended period is NOT fun!

        – at least the second one was a “walking cast” so I didn’t need crutches to get around.

      Fair warning, the “ichingwill start to drive you crazy after a while… BTDT!

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        I will need to wear the cast for 3 weeks (hoping the break will heal by then)
        The hospital couldn’t provide a ‘light’ cast, so I carry a lot of weight.

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      Hope your arm heals soon. Found a website offering free demo trial of software for one hand typing. Firefox has warning that website has bad certificate, but VirusTotal finds no problems. Might be worth a little time and effort to see if free demo trial is useful (?)
      One-Hand Typing for Injured Touch Typists
      Get well soon Alex, we need our AskWoody Community News Aggregator to be in tip top condition to keep us informed about everything we miss 🤩

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      I do type with left hand. My problem is typing special characters, multi select for copy-past-delete..

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