• IE 9 unable to browse in Protected Mode


    We have Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit.

    We came back from vacation, installed the waiting Windows Updates, then noticed we can start IE 9 and bring up the homepage, but when we attempt to go any further, it just “stalls.”

    When we are on the homepage, Google, we can mouse-over the ‘tabs’ at the top and the URLs show up on the status bar. We click on “News” and the page there also loads, but at this point mousing-over the links does not show up anything on the status bar, and clicking on the link results in nothing other than a message saying “Internet Explorer stopped responding” after 2-3 minutes.

    I did a bunch of debugging with DNS (ping, nslookup, tracert) and it isn’t the Internet connection. (I don’t get a Page Not Found either …)

    Through the Control Panel -> Internet Options, I finally cleared all the history, cache, and even reset the Internet Explorer settings on the Advanced page. Still nothing helped.

    On an off-change, I went to the Security tab, unchecked Enable Protected Mode, and everything is fine now.

    The other Windows 7 PCs in the house got all the same Windows Updates, and they all work with Protected Mode enabled.

    Any ideas how I get this particular desktop back to normal?



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      Is the logged in user an administrator or standard? Try starting IE9 with add-ons disabled and/or compare enabled add-ons with the other PCs at Tools, Manage Add-ons.


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        Well, she was an administrative user before we went on vacation, I’ll check again.

        I had already cleared the Add-Ons and reset the Advanced Settings.

        I did see a warning in the “Solve PC Issues” flag which said that Java quit working, so I uninstalled and re-installed the latest jre-7u5 version. I also uninstalled a ‘coupon printer’ app that she doesn’t use anymore and rebooted a couple of times in the process (one after a Norton Anti-Virus installation and update).



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