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    I received a new password from Samsung and tried to enter it into their support form and a message appeared the said:

    Password does not match.

    I let IE remember my passwords, which now, seems to have been a mistake.

    How do I either remove the old password or turn the option off? Where are remembered IE passwords stored?

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      Remembered passwords are stored in the Windows registry, but not in an easily readable format.

      You can remove all remembered passwords:
      – Select Tools | Internet Options…
      – Click Delete…
      – Click Delete Passwords…
      – Confirm.

      To turn off the option to remember passwords:
      – Select Tools | Internet Options…
      – Activate the Content tab.
      – Click the Settings button in the AutoComplete section.
      – Clear the check box “User names and passwords on forms”.
      – Click OK.

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        Thanks Hans, you are a font of knowledge. Thank you for the information. I only use IE because of access to the Lexmark Toolbar. I am switching horses in the middle of the stream all the time.

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          One caveat – I don’t beleive IE typically gives you that exact warning. Doesn’t it typically tell you that you have entered a different password and ask you if you want to change the previously stored password? Perhaps the message is coming from the web site itself?? Just a thought.

          Regardless, you can review your stored password by using this tool:
          However, some anti-virus programs do not like this program and consider it a threat and making it unusable… But for a private user on your own machine, I don’t see it as an issue. You are only asking for your own passwords.

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            It seems like eons ago that I needed the password for my Samsung CD-ROM. Lots of water has flowed under the bridge since then, the Samsung has been trashed and a Sony has replaced it.

            I use Robo Form, it stores all my HTTP passwords,

            AutoComplete passwords have never caused me a problem, therefore I now have no use for IE PassView. I print the information every month or so, to have a hard copy just in case.

            I appreciate the link, it just comes much to late. I will save the information in case of hard drive failure and I lose all the passwords stored in Robo Forms memory

            Thanks for the link.

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