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    I am having a new problem with IE5.5 (I wish I had never upgraded!) 2-3 times a day I have to run the repair function to get IE5.5 to behave correctly. I’ve checked for viruses and that doesn’t appear to be the problem. Has anyone else seen this issue? The only major change I made recently was from a 56k modem to a cable modem.

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      What problem are you having? I did NOT see one listed.
      I have been running IE5.5 now for about 6 months on a cable modem and have NOT had any problems(knock on wood). I have 5.5 running on 2 Me machines and 1 98Fe machine. I have not needed to run the repair once.
      Tell us more about you machine, type, speed, OS and etc.

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        Hi Dave, I am using a new Dell 700 with Windows98 and Office 2000, I just uninstalled 5.5 and went back to 5.0, this is the 2nd time I’ve done this, I expect 5.0 to give me problems soon, could I have a virus I’m not able to find with my virus software? I use Norton Anti-virus. When I open IE5.5 I get a DNS page and can’t do anything else until I repair IE.

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          What other hardware do you have attached?
          Also what else id running, give us a complete listing of by do the ‘Ctrl-Alt-Del’?

          These may give us other clues.

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          Genealogy....confusing the dead and annoying the living

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            OK here is the list from the close program list!! Explorer
            Getright, Gator, Zonealarm, Msworks, Csinm32, Navapw32, Speedkey, Attnengn, Em_exec, Monwow, Poproxy, Directcd,
            Msmsgs, Wkcalrem, Systray, Mdm, Csinject, Ramidle

            Does this help? So far IE5.0 is working well.

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              Although this may have nothing to do with IE, I notice that you have an awful lot running at the same time. The more you have running, the greater the chance for some conflict & you use more resources & your machine operates slower.

              If you’re browsing the web, you probably don’t need MSWorks active (maybe sometimes). Here’s my take on the ones that I recognize:

              GetRight – haven’t used it but I know many people have & like it; since I have DSL I haven’t found the need for it. But clearly, it’s optional.

              Zonealarm – I consider a necessity.
              Csinm32 & CSinject – these are from cleansweep; I didn’t find the tracking feature that useful;
              Navapw32 – necessary antivirus, of course
              DirectCD – no reason to have this at startup or running unless you’re ready to use it.
              Systray & Explorer are necessary for Windows to work correctly
              MDM – this creates temp files that don’t delete when you reboot; I not only took it out of startup, I renamed it so it doe4sn’t work.

              My 2 cents.

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              I agree with Phil. I would also turn off everything that id NOT required. Then run the machine for a while, if NO problems add back one of the items, keep doing this until you are having problems.

              It appears that the IE5.5 issues are related to some of the different hardware and software combo’s. At the different forums there are good stoties and bad stories with the use of 5.5, but there seems not to be any real list of items that will or have caused problems.

              DaveA I am so far behind, I think I am First
              Genealogy....confusing the dead and annoying the living

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              Sorry, Phil. iirc the Adaptec Direct CD burning app won’t go away unless you uninstall. Once you’ve got it on your system, it sits in the systray and can’t be disabled (at least, that was my experience when using Win98SE).
              In the dim recesses of my brain I seem to remember a problem with IE5.5 and Gator. It might be an idea to disable it.
              I’d like to know whose brilliant idea was it to leave out MSConfig from Win2k…

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              Hi Mel:

              This may not apply to you if you have Win2K. I don’t have it & don’t know anything about it. However, I have Win98SE & I HAVE prevented DirectCD from running at startup. It is listed in msconfig.

              If Win2k still uses a registry & has run, run services, etc., you should be able to disable it. Anything that is not actually part of Windows should be capable of being disabled. I was able to prevent Black Ice Defender from running & it loads twice (needed a batch file in the start up directory)!!

              Try posting to the Win 2000 forum.

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              Hi Phil
              It’s not so much that I no longer use Win98SE (I dual boot with Win2k), but more that I joyfully removed all Adaptec apps when Nero and InCD arrived on the scene. Just at the moment, though, I have no packet writing in Win2k. (Due out shortly).
              Apparently writing such software is a difficult task, though I believe Adaptec have a version that ‘works’. I reckon I’ll just wait…
              iirc the problem with Gator was the spyware it has built into it.

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      This is a long shot – but since you have recently moved to cable, have you configured Zonelarm to let the cable ‘heartbeat’ through?

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      Hi Steele,

      Did this problem with IE 5.5 start when you switched to the cable modem? IE 5.5 was working ok with your 56k modem? If yes, are you now using proxy settings provided by your cable ISP in IE? You might want to verify that these are correct. I have Comcast @home and they have a pretty active newgroup area where questions like this are posted. You might want to see if your cable ISP has a similar service.


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