• If you bought a new Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft four years ago, you can’t get any official help

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    In a Saturday morning news dump, a Microsoft contractor announced the end of Answers Forum support for Win 7 and 8.1, Office 2010 and 2013, Surface Pr
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      Nvm though it’s unfair. I won’t upgrade to 10!

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      Add to the list of Forum excludes: Microsoft Band and Zune

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      That’s cool. I just bought Lumia 640 LTE on Friday :).

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      Please be advised that effective July 2018, the forum topics for products that reached end of support will no longer receive technical support from Microsoft agents. There will be no proactive reviews, monitoring, answering or answer marking of questions.

      Based on my own experience and the quality of support I have received in the past from Microsoft, this might not be a bad thing. For quite some time, I have relied on other forums like this one for any help or questions. I find the people are way more knowledgeable in what they are giving advice on and they don’t want 40 bucks or more to talk to you.

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      Isn’t this the way most technology device makers do anymore? I don’t know of too many PC makers who support older devices that well after a few years. I have a older HP desktop purchased 3 years ago and HP sent me a email that if I needed parts I better order them because once there out of stock that’s it.

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      I was doing some research on the Net, looking to see if there are any class action lawsuits vs. Microsoft for its treatment of its customers, including Win7 customers. I came upon a cartoon; many of you may have seen it, but it really made my day! See: “Windows 10: We finally fixed everything”, at:


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      This is just one more reason why switching to Linux (and LibreOffice) might not be such a bad option for folks.  If the only Windows/Office support available is from fellow users — and not from the vendor (MS) — then why spend money on the software?   If users are going to be stuck with providing their own tech support for each other anyway, then they might as well go with the open source (and free) solution … and cut Microsoft out of the deal altogether.

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      From the end of the Computerworld article:

      We’re still here to help on the AskWoody Lounge. Yes, even with Windows 7, Office 2013 & the Surface 2.

      Great! Even though I’m on Windows 8.1, I bought my current laptop with Win8 & Office 2013. Nice to know I can get help from somewhere! Keeping up with developments at the Office Questions forum…

      Bought a refurbished Windows 10 64-bit, currently updated to 22H2. Have broke the AC adapter cord going to the 8.1 machine, but before that, coaxed it into charging. Need to buy new adapter if wish to continue using it.
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      I think this thing about Win 7 and 8.1 “no longer” being supported is just a simple and quite forgivable misstatement, made accidentally on purpose. Think nothing of it.


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      Answers forums are consumer forums, thus you won’t see any posting about Windows server support.  Patches for Windows 7 will still come out until 2020.

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        The separation of consumer from commercial is currently being discussed in another topic. But I want to point out that in Windows 7 even the lowly consumer is a payed in full client. Dismissing them as a group from support provided to pay as you go commercial interests should not be advocated. And here I mean disseminating information useful in troubleshooting faulty patches so graciously installed for questionable benefit.

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      Does this mean we won’t get any official word about new bugs in Win7 and 8.1 patches?

      akin to the highly descriptive MS kb patch info..

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