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    We have just set up an NT server with exchange. We have from the NT4 Option Pack just installed IIS4. All the normal stuff works well – but does not appear to have Active Server Pages. We have looked hard at the files/installation procedures and readme bits – but are stumped!! How do we find and install it??? It is definitely not there (have tried in frontpage to look at a server based web and database is greyed out).

    Help – many thanks


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      I’ve only config’d IIS 5.0, so bear with me! You should have the engine that process active server page scripts if you have installed IIS 4; it is asp.dll and can usually be found in C:WINNTSystem32inetsrv.

      Launch the Management Console and make sure you’ve enabled scripts to run in the virtual directory you’re putting your ASP files in. Remember that you have to address ASP pages via http for them to work; that is, if your virtual dir is named Develop and you have Test.asp, you must address it with http://ServerName/Develop/Test.asp ,but just opening it with a File -> Open in IE won’t do the trick.

      Here’s hoping this gets you heading down the right path! Post back if you’re still having troubles.

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        thanks this really is a help – I am nearly there.Have found relevant asp.dll where you said it would be hiding. However, having now opened the management console – Sorry I must seem very dense, but this is new territory – how do I enable scripts to run.


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          further advance – I have found the permissions on the properties, directories tab and script is definitely checked! Am I doing something wrong in FP? I have been publishing to PWS for practice up until now and that has been working fine – it has only been when we have been trying to set up a server?

          Any bright ideas please?

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            Further advance – It would appear that NT Option pack 4 has not installed the 2000 version of FP Extentions – have now put them on and database is no longer greyed out. Have still got problems but will start this thread again I think! Did not want to waste anyones time on this one as had answered first problem.


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