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  • I'm glad we are not political on Woody's

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      AskWoody MVP


      Oh man, what can I say except SURPRISE!  I was just that when I opened my email from on Thanksgiving day.  I have had the utmost respect for Fred going back to early Langalist days, he was always  helping out the unwashed masses. I’m pretty sure that opinion has changed. Why would he post the likes of this.


      Heads up Fred, computers and anything but politics. Yeah I know it’s his site not Woody’s.

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      Paul T
      AskWoody MVP

      Maybe he is not a fan of the current POTUS and decided it was something he needed to share?
      I think the comparison is a bit tough on Satan though.  :))

      cheers, Paul

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        AskWoody MVP

        It’s not so much what his message was, it wouldn’t have mattered if it was LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP. Again, it is his, I unsubscribed, I didn’t want to see his Christmas message.

        One reason I really like Woody’s is in the simplest terms, it is a “safe” place.  For the record I find both parties lacking.

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          I believe Fred meant the post as humor, albeit rubbing some the wrong way as it was political in nature. Whether it’s Fred’s personal opinion of POTUS or not, only Fred himself knows for now, unless he cares to divulge it on his site. I don’t think he will, though.

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      You do not hear such talk at gatherings?

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        AskWoody MVP

        You do not hear such talk at gatherings?

        I’m sure we all hear it … 24/7  one way or another, but that wasn’t my point.

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      Personally, I like having a place to come which is non-political.

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      with Windows 8.1 running in a VM
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        AskWoody Lounger

        @mrjimphelps In these troubled turbulent times I wholeheartedly second that one 🙂

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      AskWoody Plus

      Actually, at least as I understand it, and correct me if I am wrong, comments on politics and or religion are allowed in the “rants” section. If one likes to argue politics, religion, or both at once, then that is possible there and those that are not interested in participating, or even in reading that sort of thing, may simply ignore the “rants” section. I do that, unless there is something there that sounds interesting and could be mostly on a topic other than religion or politics, according to the title of the thread and, on inspection, I find that to be really the case.What is not allowed there, as anywhere else at Woody’s, are personal attacks or impolite use of language, at least in the judgement of some MVP on the beat. But I don’t know how closely monitored “rants” is. It could be less than other sections, as it is clearly about things likely to have little relevance to the main purpose of this site. But that would be a mere guess. Bottom line: if one does not want to read about politics or religion at this site, simply staying away from “rants” should take care of that.

      There are, however, as everywhere, grey areas: is, for example, a libertarian point of view politely expressed, as I believe to have seen being put forward in a few postings, now and then, made outside of “rants”, about politics or is it about philosophy?

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        Da Boss

        It’s a tough call.

        Usually when the moderators have any sort of question, they bump it to me and I do the best I can — realizing full well that I’ve been accused of such transgressions.

        Reminds me. I need to look up Festivus….

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          It seems okay… We do a great deal of airing of Grievances towards Microsoft. Does anybody have to wrestle you? 🙂

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      AskWoody MVP

      I don’t hate Fred Langa.

      I followed Fred until he dropped off the grid. If you were computer savvy maybe he wasn’t your first stop when looking for tech help. For many he offered informative direction on computer enhancement and safety. He championed prevention and elimination of malicious programs. His never ending mantra, “Back up, Back up, Back up” instilled the need for such.

      At times Fred would close out his news letters with, “Just for Grins.” Empirical evidence or not, that section allowed you a look at Fred’s sense of humor. He never started or finished his letter with issues not related to your computing environment.

      I was glad to see Fred return to the internet.

      If I came across as angry that’s only because voice inflection is absent in my words, it’s more like, Oh No!, not you too Fred! His post wasn’t a footnote like in “Just for Grins, it was the lead item, and only item iirc. Non issue for me now, just a supporter and life member of Fred’s world, expressing my disappointed.

      There are political forums to post in, if I cared I could visit those. <yuck>

      Thanks Woody for providing a small padded room that I can bang my head against the wall in.

      PS @woody, no need to look up “Festivus” … that was from the long running TV program Gunsmoke. It happened at barn dances when Fetus called the square dance. (groan)

      Windows10 Home 1809 | Mint19 on VM

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      Well, there are all levels of this sort of discourse…I, too, am glad we don’t have to bring partisan politics into this space….especially ever since someone we all know got a Tweeter, we know all the time, every day, day and night, week after week, month after month every single time he has indigestion…this place is a Haven!

      I always thought a solution towards cheap, sustainable energy would be to put a huge gasbag around the Capitol and collect the hot air to turn turbines…we could light the US forever.

      On the subject, one of my favorite characters in history was Dr. Johnson, who, when he thought he would lose an argument, (known as your ‘verbal pistol missing fire’) he just turned it around and knocked you down with it:

      Once, when losing an argument to someone pro-American, he is said to have steamed, “Sir, I perceive that you are a vile Whig!”

      Custard pies for 565+, please… 🙂

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