• In v2004, how do you defer v2009


    But the deferral pulldowns in the WU GUI are going away in 2004, so to do the same thing [as you did in v1909] you would have to use the Windows Update for Business in Group Policy (until MS takes that away too).

    : are you on 2004 yet? If so (or if when), could you provide v2004 screenshots to show how you use Windows Update for Business in Group Policy to get the same results that your FU, QU, and GP settings in Knowledge Base 2000016, “Section 4 – These are the settings I use” have produced for v1909?

    I will eventually lower my 1909 FU setting to precipitate v2004, but I want to be ready to avoid v2009, when I do.

    I’ve read the “Under Windows Update for Business:” section in 2000016. What is a Preview Build? It seems like Preview Builds and Feature Updates are lumped together (at least for v1909).

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      V2004 has not been out long enough to start this discussion.
      MS has made changes that I have not had time to look at.
      And you are worried about v2009? ROTFL! 🙂

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        I hope you will consider it some time down the road — meant by the “could”
        I’m staking this out as future topic!! 🙂

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          We have a blissfully long, long time until we have to worry about 20H2, which may or may not become 2009.

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          we will ALL consider it, KYKaren – sometime around late October or early November, which is around the time MS could release 2009/20H2

          right now, it is NOT the time to be even discussing about deferring 2009 as the Spring season is almost coming to an end and Summer is almost beginning – and 2004/20H1 just came out almost two weeks ago near the end of May 2020, gawwsh!

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          I’m with you Karen! Never too early to start preparing. And I live in Hurricane country so I prepare 3months before the start 1Jun then start prepping again in March( season ends 30 Nov.) So like msfts never ending fixing – breaking , so goes preparing for the next batch of bad code. When folks get early look at it, it’s nice to know they might share……and then it’s like NOAA re-predicting the # of named storms. Ad infinitum.

          Big Grin   (sort of)

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