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    Sorry, it is too late for me to think. How do I insert the “PrintDate” into an Excel sheet? In Word one inserts it as a “Field”. But there is no field option in Excel. Thanks.

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      Excel doesn’t have a function for this. You can use code in the Workbook_BeforePrint event in the ThisWorkbook module to enter the current data in a cell:

      Private Sub Workbook_BeforePrint(Cancel As Boolean)
      Worksheets(“MySheet”).Range(“B1”) = Date
      End Sub

      Replace MySheet with the name of the sheet and B1 with the cell where you want the date. The value of this cell will be updated each time the workbook is printed.

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      We have the DoP (Date of Print) added into the footer of many of our documents so we know exactly how long ago it’s been lying around waiting for someone to do something about it grin

      Below shows how it is inserted in the footer from Page Setup (in Excel 2002).

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        Thanks to both of you. These are both very helpful ideas. I use PrintDate in Word all the time — I just expected it to be something that Excel would have as well!

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