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    Is there a way to insert European numbers in Word documents? Such as the 7 with the line through it? I don’t want it to be the 7 with the line all the time, but insert it as needed. I was looking in insert > symbols, but did not see anything there. Thanks in advance for any help.

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      You can achieve what you want by using Field Codes

      The following field code produces a 7 with a line trough it :
      { EQ o(7,

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        Sorry just another point – don’t forget to press Alt-F9 to show the results of the filed code.


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          I thought the so-called European-style numbers, such as the seven with the line through it, were used only in handwriting. I’ve never seen them in print. I have a number of French, German, Italian, and Spanish books, and all the numeral fonts are the same as in the U.S. and Canada. Just curious.


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            As an aside, I think the reason the 7 was crossed in the first place was to distinguish it from the figure 1, which continental Europeans tend to write with a much longer top bit (excuse the expression – cant recall the technical term) than is used elsewhere.

            That said, the poster did say it was just occasionally required, perhaps for illustration purposes.


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          Thanks so much for the help everyone. It worked! I even tried doing the AutoCorrect entry to make it easier and that worked too.


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        And having done that, you could add it to your auto-correct list to replace, eg, ‘7even’

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