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    Ok ladies, here’s a doosey for ya’s. Compaq Insight Manager, we have it set up to page us if any of the servers [censored] out. Does anyone know of any way to edit the messages that the server is sending to us???

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      If I understand the question correctly all that is needed is, with Insight Manager running:

      1) Right click the server
      2) Select “Device Setup”
      3) Enter message in the “Pager Message” box, and this is where I have doubts of this being the answer. You can only enter an 8 digit string. Very limiting, but could be made to work with some effort.

      If this doesn’t answer the question I’ll try my Compaq ASE (Accredited Systems Engineer, I think).

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        I’m sorry, i phrased it wrong, we have pagers that accept email. I need to be able to change the email messages. Sorry.

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          Ok, I’ve spoken to the ASE, Andrew Holden. He’s flat out at the moment but I’m forwarding your request to him. The only problem is that he may not be able to get to this for a couple of days, sorry.

          Will keep you posted.

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