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    My latest Windows Secrets Newsletter column just hit and it contains a couple of tricks that you might want to peruse.To my mind, the really amazing n
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      I do NOT see anything in your column that helps me to be able to download the iso of Win7 Home Premium! It’s a great column, lots of good info, predicated on the assumption that everyone reading will already have a downloaded copy of Win7 (well, “lots of you”).
      Help – am I just overlooking the link in your column? thanks.

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      Hi !

      There is another way, maybe easier for users that don’t want to play with ISO images or burn another DVD. You can just create a simple empty auto-answer file that will take out this limitation.

      You just need to create the file “autounattend.xml” with the following content, and put it on a usb stick, a floppy or any removable device that Windows 7 will find and it will ask you the Windows 7 flavour that you want to install:

      Cheers !

      P.S.: I modified the file from the original sample provided by http://blogs.ameriteach.com/ryan-boswell/2007/4/10/windows-vista-answer-files.html

      Jean-Pierre St-Yves.

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      I admit that I am clueless as to what Windows7 is. I’ve been watching/reading and still unsure. So, please put a link for a simple explanation. Thanks.

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      Woody: I just read your article in Windows Secrets. I have a problem with I think might be solved with what you describe.

      The problem: I have Vista Ultimate installed but ordered the Windows 7 Pro DVD during the 1/2 price sale. What I want to do is an inplace update – I don’t want to have to do a clean install and trash all of the many applications I have installed.

      So… Could I download a version of Windows 7 now, and use your trick to install 7 Pro on top of my Vista system (inplace upgrade install)?

      Two questions: One – Can I actually do an inplace install using your tricked DVD. And two- when I receive the DVD which I ordered can I use the license code that comes with it to activate my newly installed version of Windows 7 pro?

      Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.


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      Woody ~ I’m not so concerned with Win 7 right now as I am about how slow my Internet browsing is since I installed that last batch of MS updates. I’m using, Firefox and still the browsing is slow. I can’t figure out why?


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      Woody ~

      Is there a way to make Firefox the browser that opens when you click on a hyperlink in Windows Mail?

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      Never mind, Woody I figured it out myself and have now designated Firefox as my default browser. Cool!

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      I just spoke with the Microsoft licensing desk, and they told me it’s a violation of the license agreement to install Windows 7 or any other Windows desktop OS and use it as a trial or evaluation before activating it.

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      Which goes to show you why it doesn’t pay to call the MS licensing desk.

      Of course you can install the eval version of any software before you activate it.

      See this Computerworld article, which says:

      Microsoft confirmed that “-rearm” can be used as many as three times by Windows 7 users to avoid activation. “This means [that] a total of 120 days total time is available as a grace period to customers that take advantage of -rearm,” said a company spokeswoman.

      Nor is extending the grace period a violation of the Windows 7 End User License Agreement (EULA), the spokeswoman said.

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      You can also copy the files on the disc to a flash drive, delete the /sources/ei.cfg, and boot from the flash drive for your installation. The install also goes faster from a flash drive than it does from a DVD.

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      Tried to do the slmgr -rearm but nothing happened. Was not able to “run as administrator” but my login has administrator priveledges. Now I’m getting the trial period has expired/must register now window.

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      Strangely (or not so) the “Run as Administrator” was available when I tried again about 4 hours later. I’m back to the full 30 days.

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      It “sort” of works:
      My Windows 7 RC 32-bit Product Key

      You may use the following product key to activate your evaluation copy of Windows 7 RC 32-bit.

      Product key: MVYTY-QP8R7-6G6WG-87MGT-CRH2P

      Please print this page for your records.

      Does not work after installing Professional.
      I get an error that I need to reinstall Win7 or get a Professional key.


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      can u please tell me where is ur Column? because i need to install windows 7 home premium from the ultimate DVD! thanks!

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      Serge –

      I write frequently for Windows Secrets Newsletter.

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      Okay. a real newbie here. I’ve got to product keys and have no idea how to start an install to get me to the point to enter a key. I’ve gone to the microsoft website and the only trial version available is for IT’s. any suggestions?

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      Jo –

      You DON’T want the trial version.

      This is a very good question for the Windows Secrets Lounge. In the upper right corner, click on the link to Ask a Windows or Office Question, and fire away.

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