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    Intel removed the security feature SGX from processors of the 11ths generation and newer generations. Problem is, the feature is one of the requirements to play Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs on computer systems.

    One of the requirements for playback of Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs on PCs is that SGX is supported by the installed processor and by the motherboard firmware. The Blu-Ray Disc Association defined DRM requirements for Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc playback. Besides SGX, playback is protected by HDCP 2.2 and AACS 2.0, with some discs using AACS 2.1.

    Datasheets for Intel’s 11th and 12th generation Core desktop processors list Intel Software Guard Extensions as a deprecated technology.

    PC users who use devices with 11th generation or newer Intel processors can’t play Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs on these devices because of the missing requirement…

    The company (Cyberlink) suggests that users stay on older Intel processors, Intel 7th to 10th generation processors to be precise, as these support the SGX feature and ensure that Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs can be played on the device.
    Cyberlink suggests further that users do not update their devices to the latest version of Windows, Windows 11, and do not update Intel drivers as these may remove the SGX feature in the driver.

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      well if security is the reason for depreciation, that can only be a good thing.
      Given the extension has been a vector of attacks over the years source: bleepingcomputer

      Examples of attacks targeting Intel SGX include:

      the Prime+Probe attack discovered in 2017,
      a Spectre-like attack disclosed in 2018,
      an Enclave attack discovered by researchers in 2019,
      a MicroScope replay attack,
      the so-called “Plundervolt” injection attack,
      a Load Value Injection (LVI), and
      the SGAxe attack on the CPU cache resulting in the leak of the enclave’s content.

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