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    Can’t date this to a particular change, but beginning to get v. annoying.

    If I open the internet options dialog, and make any changes, it hangs on clicking OK and I have to force IE to close. The changes I have made have taken effect, however. I thought it was just in the connections tab, but actually it affects all settings.

    Any ideas?

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      Have you run the Disk Cleanup utility and defragged your hard drive recently ???

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      Mine seems to take at least 15 second when I check or uncheck the “print backgrounds” box on the Advanced tab and then “Apply.” Apparently regardless of the number of changes you make, IE wants to do a huge amount of stuff behind the scenes. Sorry, I don’t have a solution, but it does seem that the system is not very efficient…

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      Which OS are you running? Do you have all patches applied?



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      This post thread reflects two problems that I have encountered over the last two months.
      – Open Internet options dialog, make any changes, hangs on clicking OK
      – Computer seems to take 15 seconds to Apply something (post 539,593)

      In my case, I can open Internet options and Delete Files without the hang. But, doing anything else in Internet Options causes the problem.

      The other symptom, taking 15 seconds, is encountered whenever I open an IE page that requires dial-up. If I am not connected to the internet, it takes 15 seconds for the dial-up box to appear (I do not allow automatic dial-ups for IE). I know from other tools that I use, like Process Explorer http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/ProcessExplorer.html%5B/url%5D that there is nothing going on in the background. The dial-up dialog just takes 15 seconds before it appears.

      I suspect that this is caused either by malware (virus, spyware, etc) OR by a setting that tells my computer to try the internet link for a while (15 seconds) and then to request a dial-up box if the connect does not begin. I am hoping that it is the latter, and that someone knows where the 15 second setting might be.

      Thanks in advance. smile

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        Please post answers to questions in my post 539,693. Also, can you post a screen shot of your IE | Tools | Internet Options | Connections tab?



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          Attached is a screen shot of my IE | Tools | Internet Options | Connections tab.

          I am using XP with SP2 and all patches up through KB912919 installed.


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