• Introducing passkeys in Chrome



    Today, we are pleased to announce that passkey support is now available in Chrome Stable M108.

    What are passkeys?

    Passwords are typically the first line of defense in our digital lives. However, they are at risk of being phished, leaked in data breaches, and even suffering poor password hygiene. Google has long recognized these issues, which is why we have created defenses like 2-Step Verification and Google Password Manager…we need to move towards passwordless authentication. This is where passkeys come in. Passkeys are a significantly safer replacement for passwords and other phishable authentication factors. They cannot be reused, don’t leak in server breaches, and protect users from phishing attacks. Passkeys are built on industry standards, can work across different operating systems and browser ecosystems, and can be used with both websites and apps…

    On a desktop device you can also choose to use a passkey from your nearby mobile device and, since passkeys are built on industry standards, you can use either an Android or iOS device. A passkey doesn’t leave your mobile device when signing in like this. Only a securely generated code is exchanged with the site so, unlike a password, there’s nothing that could be leaked…

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