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  • iOS is Adware

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        AskWoody Plus

        Microsoft users often complain about advertising in Windows. But as a prominent Apple developer points out, iOS is even worse.

        “Apple has resorted to insidious tactics to get [new subscribers for its $12 billion services business]: ads,” Steve Streza writes in The Paywalled Garden: iOS is Adware. “Lots and lots of ads, on devices that you [already] pay for. iOS 13 has an abundance of ads from Apple marketing Apple services, from the moment you set it up and all throughout the experience. These ads cannot be hidden through the iOS content blocker extension system. Some can be dismissed or hidden, but most cannot, and are purposefully designed into core apps like Music and the App Store.”

        As Streza points out, there is only one term for this kind of unremovable advertising: Adware. And it makes iOS a lot less compelling as a platform. Unless, of course, you simply want to pony up and pay for all those services that Apple is tirelessly shilling these days.

        And he’s right: Unless you pay for Apple’s services, you’ll be bombarded with ads all over iOS. It’s much worse than Windows, where at least some of the ads can be correctly termed as tips or suggestions. In iOS, Apple is simply trying to get you to spend more money. And it is doing it everywhere in the system.

        “As time goes on, these ads are going to get worse, not better,” he writes. “Apple is making the user experience provably worse to boost growth at all costs … Apple is going to expand its services, both breadth and depth, and the adware problem is only going to get worse, unless people call out Apple for what they’re doing. And yet, this issue is rarely talked about, likely because many of the people who cover Apple inevitably subscribe to some or all of these services. Gadgets like smart TVs and ebook readers are frequently criticized for their annoying, invasive advertisements despite their (often large) upfront price. It’s time for the tech community to recognize that Apple is no longer designing their products for a great experience, but as upsells to get you into the paywalled garden.”

        Programmer Calls Out iOS as Adware
        Posted on February 18, 2020 by Paul Thurrott

        Windows 10 Pro Version 2004: Group ASAP (chump/pioneer)

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        AskWoody Plus

        iOS 13 has an abundance of ads from Apple marketing Apple services,

        Huge **. There are no ads in iOS 13, or other versions. There never were.

        EDITED for language

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          AskWoody Plus

          Huge BS. There are no ads in iOS 13, or other versions. There never were.

          The original article has screenshots of six apps where ads for paid services appear prominently in iOS13:

          If you don’t subscribe to these services, you’ll be forced to look at these ads constantly, either in the apps you use or the push notifications they have turned on by default. The pervasiveness of ads in iOS is a topic largely unexplored, perhaps due to these services having a lot of adoption among the early adopter crowd that tends to discuss Apple and their design. This isn’t a value call on the services themselves, but a look at how aggressively Apple pushes you to pay for them, and how that growth-hack-style design comes at the expense of the user experience. In this post, I’ll break down all of the places in iOS that I’ve found that have Apple-manufactured ads. You can replicate these results yourself by doing a factory reset of an iPhone (backup first!), installing iOS 13, and signing up for a new iCloud account.

          Do you dispute those findings?

          Windows 10 Pro Version 2004: Group ASAP (chump/pioneer)

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        To be fair, b is quoting Paul Thurrott is quoting Steve Streza…

        My mistake if I have missed a link in the gossip chain, or not yet reached the root. And the tired excuse that the other guy is doing it too, and worse than we are, does not help the user that must endure the experience.

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        AskWoody Lounger

        Nathan Parker should give in put on this matter.

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        Rick Corbett

        I’m on iOS 13.3.1 but haven’t once seen an ad until I went out looking for them as a result of this post.


        Perhaps it’s because I don’t subscribe to or use any of the Apple services Steve Streza vents about except for Wallet… which doesn’t show any ad for me.


        The only ad I managed to find was in the Apple Store after duplicating his searches. Notice how his screenshot shows an ad taking over half of his screen… yet mine doesn’t.


        Could it be because I didn’t do as he suggests…

        “You can replicate these results yourself by doing a factory reset of an iPhone (backup first!), installing iOS 13, and signing up for a new iCloud account.”

        Why on earth would I do this? ROFL

        A final screenshot may be helpful…



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        Nathan Parker

        I believe they’re referring to Apple mentioning their various services in select apps (wallet mentions users can signup for Apple Card, Music mentions users signup for Apple Music, TV mentions signing up for Apple TV+, News mentions signing up for Apple News+, Apple Arcade shows in the App Store).

        Obviously Apple is going to want to promote signing up for its various paid services in the apps that support them so Apple can attempt to get more customers trying and buying into those services, and I’ve even taken trials and paid for a month or so of Apple’s services to take them for a spin. Overall, the promotions don’t bother me, as I get Apple is wanting to convince more customers to signup for these services. For the services I’m not interested in, I simply ignore them.

        The only issue I’ve had is in some apps such as News, I wish there was a way I could hide the Apple News+ tab itself so it’s not prominent in the app when I’m not using it. Apple offers this with the Music app now (I can hide the Apple Music subscription features with a toggle).

        A simple toggle allowing users to hide the tabs that feature Apple’s paid services for those who flat have no interest in using them would be a nice addition to streamline the apps, but it’s still a far cry from the “adware” claims the columnist made.

        Nathan Parker

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        Rick Corbett

        I’m going to amend my previous comment. My nieces and nephews play games on iPads where purchases of ‘power-ups’ and other nonsense are disallowed by their parents. This means that the kids often have to sit through 30-second adverts (for more nonsense) instead.

        I’ve noticed (correction, they have vociferously brought it to my attention) that the nature of these 30-second adverts has recently changed. The adverts often just don’t end… so you have to crash out of whatever nonsense (sorry… I meant game) you were engaged in and restart the n… game.

        For example, well done for finally persuading my niece to uninstall some game called Township due to your never-ending advert (for kitchens, I assume).

        She has an impatience level of 0 (well, about 30 seconds max)… but you have my respect!

        You managed to force the loss of both a game player and a prospective customer (albeit well into the future. Do you really think 11-year-olds are going to be purchasing kitchens? ROFL).

        Note that these ads are not from Apple itself nor about Apple services but from advertisers who no doubt pay game developers to embed them (or Apple to allow the game to embed them). Who knows or cares? I just have to deal with the whines and whinges… 🙂

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        AskWoody MVP

        I play MS Mahjong and Patience on Windows and get adverts every now and then. I’ve noticed that one or two go on a loop, but there is an X in the top corner which does work and I get into the game. I wonder if there’s the same in those games where it just keeps going albeit maybe isn’t obvious.

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          Rick Corbett

          I emailed a screenshot to myself before she got rid of it:


          I tried each corner but there was no apparent hidden X that I could find, only a blue triangle artefact (which I’ve circled in red) that turned out to be a ‘forward’ control to start the video playing again.

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          AskWoody Plus

          access-mdb  ( #2170387 ): I play mahjong solitaire in an older machine, where the game is actually installed. I don’t get any adds, but this older game’s software was not designed to receive and show them. Do you have mahjong installed on your computer or do you connect to some gaming site over the Internet, where you can play this game?

          I no longer watch commercial TV but stream programs and movies from paid subscription services and use an ad blocker all the time and only turn it off when I really need to see something at a site that requires turning it off. But this I very rarely do and only for a compelling reason. For the most part, I live a pretty ad-free life — so far. But from the comments here it looks like things are relentlessly getting worse out there.

          Windows 7 Professional, SP1, x64 Group W (ex B) & macOS + Linux (Mint)

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            Da Boss

            Try Moonlight Mahjong, free from the App Store for Mac.

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        AskWoody Plus

        Maybe just poorly written?? I do hope it is not a trend, GF has about a 15 second threshold of impatience… at which point I am expected to FIX IT!!! 🤣


        Just because you don't know where you are going doesn't mean any road will get you there.
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        Nathan Parker

        I’ve noticed some free apps have poorly-implemented ads (generally from third party ad services and not related to Apple). In those cases one can either look for a paid version without ads or email the developer telling them to either slack off the ads or insert an option to upgrade to ad free.

        I worked for a place who once put way too many ads on our website and apps, where it was intrusive. I told them we seriously need to back off the ads since it was interfering with content.

        Nathan Parker

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