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    The iPhone rocket is poised to leave Android and the rest in the dust.Amazing upside. See my InfoWorld Tech Watch article.
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      And then they’ll compare the prices, and go straight back to their (free, with a contract) Androids and Blackberrys.

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      When is “free” not free? When it has a two-year contract attached to its rear end! And that’s not even counting the data minutes overage charges almost everyone seems to incur with most carriers.

      Cable TV companies used to brag about their “free” modems and “free” months and “free” HBO, etc. Again, the only free part was tacked onto the end of a lengthy and expensive contract. And getting out of the contract was yet another big expense, if you ever moved out of town.

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      Here’s one good reason for the disaffection of some Android users: The June Gingerbread update screwed up a lot of phones. On one of the Motorola Droid X support boards (https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/51997, there is an astounding catalog of problems — they are so numerous that Verizon eventually pulled the update, but provided no vehicle for dissatisfied users to return their phones to the pre-Gingerbread version. Even after a factory reset, my own DX with Gingerbread periodically turns itself back on after being shut down — not a good thing for airline travelers! Motorola has compounded frustration by being very tight-lipped about any schedule for fixing the problems.

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