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    I recently saw an ad from Bleeping Computer for MS Office Professional for $40. at

    I think these offers are usually fake or pirated copies, but I also thought Bleeping Computer is a reliable source. What’s the catch here, and does anybody know anything about this offer?

    Thanks for any info !


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      Just wondering the same. Seems like a very good offer.

      The same offer of $39.99 also apply to Mac.

      Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac 2021: Lifetime License


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      Keep in mind that these are sponsorship/deals and not directly done by bleepingcomputer.

      The vendor is actually nerdused.com Review – Scam Detector (scam-detector.com) Nerduser

      Given that the normal price for that is Download Microsoft Office Professional 2021 All Languages Online Product Key – 1 License : Software & Downloads | Dell USA over $400 my spidey sense is tingling.

      Let me download/buy one as a test and report back because that is WAY too good to be true.

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      Sketchy ads may appear in good Websites. I used to see them in such places until I started keeping the ad blocker always on, with very few exceptions.

      Also I doubt MS will sell a current version (?) of Office at such a deep discount. So if one bought it from whomever, would it install? If it installs, would it infect the PC with the very best, the finest, la creme de la creme of malware?

      Questions about a questionable deal.

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      If you search for ‘nerdused deals’ you’ll get hundreds of advertising hits. If you try to visit ‘nerused.com’ you’ll get the message the domain is taken down.

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        If you try to visit ‘nerused.com’ you’ll get the message the domain is taken down.

        Never correctly set up may be more accurate than taken down for nerdused.com.

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      These MS Office offers frequently show up on the deals site that I follow. They appear to be unused or ‘misappropriated’ licenses from large volume enterprise purchases that have been sold to various resellers for re-sale at these cheap prices.

      Some people who have bought these licenses say they have had no problems with the purchase transaction, the downloading, the installation, and the activation of the software, and are continuing to use the software without problems.

      Others have had a similar experience except that after some period of time their activation is terminated by Microsoft as an invalid license. Ironically, some of these folks are irate that Microsoft would do such a thing.

      Others have had all sorts of problems from never being able to successfully complete the purchase transaction, or download the software, or activate the software, or get a refund.

      Caveat emptor.


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      I immediately thought it looked “sketchy”, but when clicked the link, it took me to a site powered by “StackCommerce” (scroll to the very bottom of the page).

      I have bought items in the past from Ghacks Deals, and another “StackCommerce” affiliate, and they were legit. https://www.stackcommerce.com/

      But this deal somehow looks “too-good-to-be-true”. Caveat emptor… 🙂

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      Just sharing some information, I have good luck with a $15 license for MS Office 2021 Pro Plus from the Joy Warp website: https://www.joywarp.com/product/office-2021-pro-plus-32-64-bit-lifetime-license-key/ it looks like they lowered the price to $14.49, for reference read my April 3 post at:
      https://www.askwoody.com/forums/topic/best-version-of-microsoft-office-to-buy-for-new-laptop/#post-2436491 – the Review site Trust Pilot then had 83 reviews with 4.8 star Excellent Rating, and now has 141 reviews with 4.7 star Excellent rating. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/joywarp.com I have not had any license or activation problems yet. As always, Your Mileage May Vary.
      P.S. maybe / hopefully WSVictor Delta might respond with current info also (?)

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      And my $59 Win 10 pro retail is still going strong after 3 years. (Indigo)


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      This situation seems to beg for more analysis. Here are questions that occur to me:

      1. At least some of the MS Office licenses that are sold appear to be authentic MS licenses, and that this is a quite common practice. If these licenses are unused or “misappropriated” licenses from the original purchasers, then is it illegal to resell them? If it IS illegal, then how can this practice continue and why aren’t there lots of lawsuits about it?

      2. But if it’s NOT illegal to resell these licenses, then why does MS apparently sometimes terminate their activation?

      3. Or is the reselling perhaps legal but a violation of the original MS license agreement?

      4. Finally, if an original purchaser of MS Office licenses (maybe an OEM?) legitimately sells MS Office to their own customers, how is that different from selling extra unused licenses to somebody else?


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        Usually, the license is valid, but only for the region/use for which it was intended. Microsoft can, at it’s discretion, invalidate the license. The seller isn’t supposed to offer those licenses for sale in the US consumer market, for example.

        Sort of a gray area that MS seems to tolerate for the most part although every now and then they do stomp on one of those sellers. Talk to any legitimate retailer or computer reseller and they’ll have very strong opinions.

        If MS is making a product available at a discount, they generally let you know about it through press releases or retailers. Otherwise, buyer beware especially if the seller is outside your country. On the other hand, you may never have a problem with activation, but I wouldn’t bet on it unless told otherwise by a MS employee.

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      Does it pass the sniff test? If you think it smells off, it’s probably gone bad.

      The fact that you asked here was an indicator.

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      Just FYI:

      Found a thread on the MS Office Forum regarding a somewhat similar offer for a “discounted” MS Office Professional 2021, with a response from a Microsoft Agent/Moderator. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/legit-microsoft-office-professional-2021-for/9e0483f1-c45d-4460-9dff-2bd5f760024d

      “Thanks for posting in the community.

      For now, it seems I can’t access the link you provided, it displays the error 403 Forbidden on my side. I assume they sell a Microsoft Office product with a very cheap price and I found some similar threads. If so, I don’t suggest you buy it. It should be a volume licence version and should not sell for a personal user. Also, even you can use it to activate Office, it may be disabled afterwards.”

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