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    I have a perfectly good Core I7 920 CPU, currently in an ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe motherboard . I’m just wondering if I could find a motherboard that works with this CPU that supports UFEI (UEFI?) BIOS and USB3. I will run Windows 10 on the system.

    I have another PC with a core I9, so this is specifically about the core I7.

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      Based on the number of computer upgrades I’ve done for myself and others through the years, generally speaking, newer motherboard features such as UEFI, etc, are only available for use with newer processors.  In some cases, the newer processors also have more connecting pins, or a slightly different pin arrangement.  They may also require additional ‘features’ in the processor.

      Newer motherboards and their processors frequently require faster RAM and it’s ‘variations’ in terms of pins, notch position, etc.

      So, in short, I’d say there’s no ‘extra feature’ motherboards that would use your processor.

      But perhaps not all is lost, though.  I just went over to ebay and did a search for ‘intel core i7 motherboard’ and found a good number of motherboards available that are compatible with that i7 processor.  It’s up to you to figure out (ie, Google) each of the mobos offered to determine what features are available on each.

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      the Intel Core I7 920 processor is from the 1st generation Core series – launch in late 2008; more than 13 years old

      you’re not gonna find a uefi capable board that can handle such a very old cpu; many of those 1st gen Intel boards are non-uefi (legacy bios)

      most older intel based motherboards with UEFI can take at minimum 2nd gen (Sandy Bridge) or 3rd gen (Ivy Bridge) Intel CPUs

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      It’s amazing how long a CPU can last, and a shame that Intel keeps obsoleting them in the name of progress.

      So the best bet with an older CPU, if a replacement motherboard is needed, is to search on ebay or something for a refurbished motherboard with the same generation CPU socket as your processor was designed for. Modern Intel based motherboards only support the latest sockets.

      In the case of i7-920, the socket needs to be FCLGA1366 (LGA 1366).





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      You confirmed what I was able to deduce from searching the net, but I could certainly have missed something so I asked.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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