• Is it "safe" to upgrade to 1709 yet?


    Back in February I posted this question. Prevailing advice was to wait until at least March and until Woody “blessed” it. Is it safe now or should I keep postponing it?


    Don E.



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      Actually, I don’t think he blessed it as such.
      And he has said he prefers 1703 and will skip 1709.
      But the ComputerWorld Article today says:

      Go ahead and install all outstanding Win10 patches. The first set of April cumulative updates had some bad bugs, but those were fixed in the versions released later in the month.

      So I guess the decision is up to you (or you can wait for 1803 – erm, “Windows 10 April 2018 Update” stabilizes).

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        though the 1703 release of Win10 Home/Pro will be out of support this October 2018 (aka. “end of service”) as those will no longer receive any new updates after that time.

        I’m skipping the 1803/1804 release since I already upgraded to 1709 several months ago and will upgrade to the upcoming 1809/1810 release.

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      Thanks for the info, I guess. I have 1709 blocked and have had an iso file for it which was downloaded to my desktop by Microsoft Tech Support months ago. It’s still sitting there, so I think I’ll just delete it. Saw an article posted on the “Watch” in the last few days on how to block 1803. Guess I’ll see if I can do that now. Anyone tried this yet?

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        You might just want to keep the ISO… there might come a time where 1709 would be better than 1803… just a little bit of insurance, just in case.

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        I agree with Elly. I decided to move to 1709 about two months ago during the latest forced version update situation. I have an image of 1703 and I figured I might as well do the update to 1709 as my decision rather than wondering if I was going to wake up to “Installing … do not turn off your computer’. It installed without any problems and  has worked fine since then. I just watch for any issues before installing the monthly cumulative update(s). 1709 is theoretically supported until March 2019, so, again theoretically, I won’t have any pressing need to move to 1803 any time soon.

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      My computer, windows 10 home was forced to 1709.  I am still thinking about rolling back to 1703, but my ever since GWX campaign and it’s destruction of my Win 7, I got a Win 10, but moved to a Mac for my main computer–It’s so much easier to maintain.  Like Seattle27 and Elly I am deciding if it is the best place to stay for a while until Woody says to move to 1803. Because my Mac is my main computer now, I have another reason to possibly stay on 1709.  When I look at the installed programs from control panel, just about all except a few updated during my forced update to 1709 on Monday the 30th.  My questions are now:

      Is there any KB in this version 1709 I should uninstall?

      Are there any programs that should be removed from the installed programs using Add/Remove programs?  There is something I have never seen from Apple, and do need to figure out what that is.

      MBAM and Trend Micro seem to work, as does my printer, so at first glance it seems okay, but other Woody followers may know important things I and others who update to 1709 should be aware of.  If so, may we have your input?

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        I’m nowhere near as expert as some of the people on here, but I follow this site pretty closely. I’m not aware of any potentially troublesome or suspicious KBs out there for 1709. I haven’t had to uninstall any of them.

        I think what you want to look out for is anything with the words ‘Update Assistant’. If Update Assistant is in your list of installed programs, I’d uninstall it. There’s also a folder called Windows on your main drive (usually the C Drive). There’s a folder inside that called Update Assistant. Woody recently said in one of his articles, “If you are feeling particularly paranoid (and technically capable), delete the UpdateAssistant scheduled tasks and delete everything in c:\Windows\UpdateAssistant and \UpdateAssistantV2. Carefully watch what’s being applied to your machine to make sure no more UpdateAssistant-related patches get through. notably KB 4023814 and KB 4023057.”

        After I installed 1709, I checked and Update Assistant is not in my installed programs list and the UpdateAssistant folder was and remains empty. I personally don’t know how to delete scheduled tasks, so I just keep an eye out for what was mentioned above.

        The above quote was from this ComputerWorld article (at the end) :


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      I’m another one “Forced” to 1709 but all went smooth for me. 1803 is another story as I will never use the new “Enhancements” that it brings and it’s still early unless MS “Forces” another upgrade.

      So IMHO 1709 is safe and I would hang onto that ISO.

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      Nobody has really answered my question as to whether or not it is safe to move from 1703 to 1709. Since I was able to forestall the 1709 upgrade, it appears that the advice is to wait for 1803 to be declared safe and to move directly to that, bypassing 1709. Comments?

      I have all the recommended “blocks” in place to prevent 1809 being downloaded and installed until I’m ready.

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        1703 has been quite stable.
        On the other hand, 1709 has had quite a few problems.
        Many of the problems that 1709 has had have been fixed, and I believe Woody has said upgrading is OK at this point.
        But, he has also said he personally is sticking with 1703 until 1803 gets the bugs worked out and skipping 1709.
        And I will say “Me Too”

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          Count me in. I just upgraded from 1607 to 1703 when 1607 went out of support and I am staying there skipping 1709 unless 1803 is still not good enough when 1703 goes out of support.

          1709 patched brings something I really would like, though. The ability to search in all indexed folders with Cortana and not just in the Documents folders (the rest is available if you select a filter right now, but it is a big pain when you do it many times a day). It is a new feature that basically makes Cortana search a bit more like the OK search of Win 7. You can still use ClassicShell to avoid issues and have a good search tools right now on 1703.

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