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    It seems Stardock is making huge profit since people do not like current Windows 10 and 11. Is Stardock working with MS to make profit?

    It seems to be the case. Otherwise, MS is a 70% owner of the company to make profit.

    Has anyone got any feedback on this?

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      Where do you see that they own that much of Stardock?


      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      I don’t know about Microsoft owning Stardock. However, I remember when Windows 8 first came out eliminating the Start menu and there was a public outcry against this, the tech news site Neowin (of which Stardock is a 40% owner, according to Wikipedia) was a hugely enthusiastic cheerleader for the changes.

      The speculation, of course, is that Microsoft’s getting rid of the Start menu would spark interest in Stardock’s Start menu replacement, Start8, whereas bringing the native Start menu back to Windows would decrease this interest.


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      As far as I can tell, Stardock is a privately held company. I can’t find anything about the ownership structure.

      Conspiracy theories abound.


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        Given the subject matter of this thread and speculative suggestions, ‘Unknow Error 404’ seems an approriate name with or without the ‘n’
        back to using OpenShell 🙂

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      I love Stardock and been using their products for many years. But Microsoft owning Stardock or Stardock in cahoots with Microsoft…..nah.

      I won’t even think about moving to Windows 11 on my current computer or buying a new computer with Windows 11 until Stardock gets WindowBlinds 11 available. I cannot fathom having to use Microsoft’s horrible Start menu and also not being able to skin Windows 11.

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      or buying a new computer with Windows 11 until Stardock gets WindowBlinds 11 available.

      WindowBlinds 11 Beta

      ..Make your Windows 10 and 11 desktops unique with WindowBlinds 11! Customize the Start menu*, taskbar, window frames, and control buttons on up to five devices. WindowBlinds lets you customize desktop interface themes called skins to personalize the look and feel of your desktop…

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      Yes. MS works with Stardock to make a profit. Several former MS employee leave MS and go work for Stardock since not happy with way MS is being run. In the end, each of them found out that MS is deeply rooted into Stardock and controls a lot of decision of it even thought is supposedly is a private company. This is my view that many will disagree..


      Rather than trying to compete with Microsoft on its own turf, Stardock worked with Microsoft and became a certified Microsoft development partner

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