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    Ehhhhhhh …. typically not.  For several reasons. You never know how someone might feel about the tech you are giving them. It may bring up privacy i
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      When my sons were between 5 and 12, their uncle gave them presents like a Märklin® electric train set, a ping pong table, a large Lego®-like castle, a Meccano® metal construction set, a balsa wood model glider kit and other wonderful toys, but always with a hidden secondary agenda: exercise their creativeness, their imagination and/or their physical or mental prowess.

      The boys were quite happy with the gifts, especially after I myself had to spend days assembling or setting up the toys, that sometimes required moving the furniture for lack of space and that always were very time-consuming to set up.    Until they grew up enough and learned to do it themselves.

      Now, in hindsight, I must admit I don’t begrudge any of it. My sons, now approaching 50, had a very nice youth, I think.

      I would conclude by stating that tech gifts requiring work and time to start using are not ideal. The gift’s enjoyment should be immediate. Something like a Dymo handheld label writer or a soccer ref’s whistle.


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      “Bottom line, often I give something that needs technology, but not the technology itself. Too often that’s a personal decision. What’s your thoughts?”

      Whether they want something technology-related at all is also a personal decision. What’s wrong with giving them something more general that is not related to technology?
      Better still, agree with them not to give presents at all. Both sides probably have more than enough “stuff” already. Instead of each of you spending $50 on something the other person may want or not, donate $50 to the charity of their choice and vice versa.

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        … donate $50 to the charity of their choice and vice versa

        I call that the easy way out.

        Picking a gift that fits a person is a challenge. If you succeed, it’s proof that you care about that person and you put some thought in choosing a present fitting the giftee.

        Though a fitting present can be plain cash like brand new (sterilised) bank notes, especially, I think, with teenagers.

        Have I given you a clue? (Baloo)

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      Just give cold hard cash in an envelop. This is the best option. This way person can use it for what they want. Either tech or food or utilities or etc..etc

      I have never gotten complains once start to give cash. Before than, I got request about get the receipt so that they can exchange it or return it. Or i want that gift card rather than this gift card… Cold hard cash is the solution for all problems. Soon Cold hard cash will disappear since some stores do not want to take cash now. All the old timers will not be able to pay for anything.

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      The gift of Knowledge is always best in opinion. There are books appropriate for all ages and there is something special about holding a book in your hands and turning pages that you just can’t get from an e-reader, this from a multi-kindle owner.

      Here are a few suggestions:

      The Art of Worldy Wisdom by Balthasar Gracian

      The Capitalist Code , I Can Save Your Life by Ben Stein

      Crimes Against Logic, by Jamie Whyte

      The Richest Man In Babylon, by George S. Clason

      Worldy Virtues, by Johannes A. Gaertner

      As A Man Thinketh, by James Allen (This is good for women also)

      There are many more…

      May the Forces of good computing be with you!


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      As a child my favorite things to get as gifts were Lionel trains, Tom Swift, Jr. books, a Gilbert Erector Set, Remco electronic kits, a chemistry set, a telescope, microscope, etc.  I try to look for things comparable to these to help inspire creativity in the young people I give to, and get their faces away from staring at smartphones.

      Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake as soon as you make it again.

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      Few years back my wife got a “deal” on Alexa’s and bought about 10 of them to give out as gifts. I couldn’t in good conscious give them to anyone so threw them all in the dump unopened and we bought other gifts for them 🙂

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      I call that the easy way out.

      Feel free to make your life as difficult as possible 😉

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      Here’s a thought: Make up a nice, pretty gift certificate offering to take the recipient to his or her favorite store (or site) and — with guidance from the giver, since in this context that person is by default a tech person — provide guidance in spending the amount specified on the certificate towards whatever tech is needed.  Gives the recipient choices, and gives the giver a chance to be part of the choice, plus the giver is there when the recipient actually has the gift in hand.  Just a thought.

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      Here is an every day gift: gift by example.

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      Technology is not only hardware, it’s also the software and firmware and support that comes with it. I wouldn’t burden loved ones with any of it, I let them burden themselves after contibuting towards THEIR choice 😛

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      I give technology in specific cases:

      • The person asked for it on their list
      • The person is known to be technically savvy and has expressed interest in a technology niche (example: I give a streaming device because they’re getting into cutting their cable)
      • The person has an expressed desire to explore and grow beyond just being a technology user and actually explore it and appears to have what it takes to learn

      After that, yes, I don’t give it. Better to match what they expressed an actual desire for.

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