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  • Is there a way to REPAIR Checkdisk ?

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    Is there a way to repair Checkdisk itself?

    In an admin cmd-box running the command “chkdsk c: /f”  ((or with /f /r /x)) and than  reboot the pc;  the pc runs <mark class=”gdpos-keyword” data-markjs=”true”>checkdisk</mark> BUT stops at the final stage where the announcement is: “finished checking and repairing c: ” …. and keeps on doing nothing actually.
    After this announcement the pc should restart itself, finishing the chkdsk-process, giving the overview what has been done.

    But it doesn’t.  The pc needs to be restarted by cutting of the power, hard-restart


    Is there a way to repair this?

    I hesitate to set the “dirty-bit” because I don’t know where that leads to. And cannot find anything to repair this checkdisk
    Replacing the autochk.exe by a original doesn’t do anything either.
    The registry autochk.exe rule looks fine

    Thanks for your thoughts

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      Did you see the two replies to your first post about this issue?

      Windows 10 Pro version 21H2 build 19044.1387 + Microsoft 365 (group ASAP)

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        Thanks b.  Somehow I didn’t see or receive the notification email.

        Thanks to Oldguy, he has mentioned some items to check, before I have to go back some/many months to set the various images back.

        Some extra time would be handy.


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      Surely there’s no need to go back (assuming I haven’t misunderstood..) – if you’re past that build (20H2-OS Build 19042.685) it should be fine (as the recovery USB will be built from the build you are using), and I would be more concerned to be certain the drive is in good health and you have anything really critical backed up at minimum, even if a full system backup isn’t convenient.

      Winver will give you the build of your install- for example mine says 21H1 19045.1288, so I’m past that issue (I don’t print, so I’m fine with the current patch state).

      As to narrowing the issue if it seems a drive issues may be present, you can use the crystaldiskinfo program from crystal dew world (the XP, zip download version – from the recovery console if needs be – it comes with 32 and 64 bit versions in the package) – the problem I alluded to often shows as pending sectors with a mechanical drive (save and read the log – the display columns are strangely ordered in crystaldiskinfo- it starts with raw data which needs decoding to make sense..). The SSD log has failure counts – look for those increasing when the problem occurs. If you see neither, the problem is likely to be elsewhere (that is to say, potentially in the integrity of the data on the disk, not the integrity of the data storage process itself).

      For example could it be you’ve mounted a location in the file system (eg with mountvol) and that location is no longer as it was (in terms of presence, file system, or permissions), and thus can’t be “repaired” and removing the mount point might help scandisk to complete?

      If the hardware is fine perhaps reach out to Alejr, and see if he can help suggest better ways to work out if there is an issue with the file system. Yes it could be a Windows problem, but that seems somehow unlikely, especially given the need for a hard restart.



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      Please try this before getting complicated:

      • Open CMD as administrator.
      • Type: sfc /scannow
      • When complete, repaired errors if any, will be noted.
      • Reboot and try your command again.
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        Thank you all for thinking with me.
        None of the mentioned notions and tricks were “fixing” checkdisk.
        Frustrating is that the tech-guys from Windows didn’t respond at all, and even that there was a known “issue” with chkdsk around late July; they forgot to mention that whoever was stuck with the problem had to stay with it, or rebuild their system. What has happened, I reccon a bad patch, and a inmature fix that didn’t come through in some cases.
        A real fix was never presented, anyway I didn’t find it. But it’s nice to learn that there are a lot of goodwilling good guys willing to assist, including the Askwoody’s community. Hear hear.

        All the suggested tests, even the tests that Linux offers for testing the harddisk…. they only showed that the hardware is clean, and “nothing is wrong”, haha. What part of the registry was mutulated, I don’t have an idea.

        So, I re-immaged 7 versions going back in time of the OS, and coming to the date of July17 (this year 😉  ) Windows and chkdsk are working as to be expected, and as far as I can see for now. I have direcly upgraded W10 v.20H2 to v.21H1 and hope at this version to stay as long as possible for a change.


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