• Java JDK 20 – Should I install it?

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    Years ago I remember removing all traces of Java from corporate PC’s and have avoided it ever since.  Now I am seeing individuals produce specialized programs in Java solely because of its cross-platform compatibility.  There is one program that I believe would be of value to me but I’m hesitate.  I am hopeful for feedback on the level of risk, if any, to installing JDK 20.  I trust the author and his program would likely be the only one that I would use it for.

    Edit:  It just dawned on me that maybe I just need JRE???

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      The risk level depends on quite a few factors. Is the machine a server or a desktop? If it is a server, does it have internet access? Does the program require internet access? Is it on an internal network? Is internal network access really required? Do other PCs access this device? Have you checked on known issues with JDK 20? Java has a poor reputation for security but without knowing more about the program it is impossible to say about current risks.


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      It is a laptop without any shared access.  The program simply changes a byte in locally stored files that have been copied off of a GPS device.  Based on what I have found since my initial post, it appears that I need JRE 8, whose control panel has a setting that allows Java content to be disabled in all browsers.  That option provides some reassurance.

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      Sounds like you should be good to go.


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      Thanks Joe.  I agree.

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      JDK is for writing as well as running Java applications. If you’re just running a Java application then the JRE is all you need.

      All JREs from 9 onwards don’t have browser plugins anymore.

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