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    I’m using Win7 (X64) on a laptop. I always install Windows Updates manually. I selected only the June Rollup (KB4022719) from the latest list of Important Updates. It failed, and I received an Error Code 80073712. I then downloaded the Readiness Tool (KB947821 October 2014), which confirmed that it installed the Windows Standalone Installer (Hotfix for Windows KB947821). I then went back to the Control Panel and tried again to install the June Rollup, and it failed. I then went to the Microsoft Update Catalog and tried to download KB4022719 from there, and it failed. I’m now at wits end — can you help? By the way, several earlier Monthly Rollups also failed to load. Thanks for your help.

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      Did you look at the results of the System Update Readiness Tool via it’s log file, or did you just run it and hoped it did something helpful?



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      The error code implies the datastore may be corrupt. Before cleaning it out, try:
      In an elevated command prompt, run “sfc /scannow” (without the quotes).
      If that doesn’t correct the problem, come back and I will give you the procedure to clean out and rebuild the datastore.
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        Thanks. I ran a cmd search, then inserted the command you provided, and it said that I must run it in a console as administrator. I have run software many times using the Menu click Run As Administrator, but don’t know how to do it in the cmd search. Please help this neophyte. Thanks.

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          Do a search for cmd, right click on it and run as admin

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            Sorry, I didn’t realize that I could bring up a context menu with a cmd search. I just ran it as Administrator. It just finished the “verification phase of system scan”, and reported that “Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations” (whatever that means). Did you also see my reply to another helpful poster, that when I went into the “CBS Log” folder, and specifically the “Check SUR” file, it contained literally dozens of entries that began either  “CBS MUM Corrupt” or “CBS Catalog Corrupt”. Is that meaningful? What should I do next? Thanks so much for your continued help.

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              OK. In a little while I am going to post the procedure for cleaning the datastore and resetting Windows Update. It will be at the bottom of the topic. You should print it out and follow the instructions exactly.

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              You’re terrific, thanks. I assume that the procedure will only affect Windows Update, and will not change any of the other settings on the laptop? Thanks again. I’ll let you know what happens after I follow the procedure.

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        As a follow-up to my last reply to you, I realized that I was in the wrong folder. So I just found and opened the CheckSUR.log. Under the heading “Checking Package Manifests and Catalogs”, there are dozens of entries that begin “CBS MUM Corupt” or “CBS Catalog Corrupt”. I have no idea what any of them mean. Please let me know. Thanks again.

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          After following PKCano’s instructions, does the CheckSUR log file say anything different? The answer to your problems is almost certainly in there. It can be a lot to look through, though.

          When I first got this Windows 7 PC, automatic updates screwed up my WU in a similar way and the cause was a bad/corrupted update that needed to be uninstalled and reinstalled. Of course, I found this blog shortly after. The answers were in the CBS Log files though I did have some help. Windows update can and will screw up your PC just as easily if allowed to do it’s own thing, so just keep calm and hopefully a solution can be found.

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      Thanks for the reply. When I ran the tool, I just downloaded and ran it, knowing nothing about a log. Based on your reply, I just went into C/windows/logs/CBS, and when I clicked on the CBS folder, the message said that I was not authorized to access the CBS log; there was no file named CheckSUR. What would I learn if I could access that log? Thanks.

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      Procedure to clean the datastore (reset Windows Update)

      What this procedure is going to do is clean out the datastore.
      What will happen: It will erase your update history. If you have hidden any updates, they will no longer be hidden, so make a list before you start.
      What won’t happen: It will not uninstall any updates. It will not erase the “Installed Updates” list.

      1. In Windows Update\Change settings, set it to “Never check for updates
      2. Reboot your computer, login, and wait 10 minutes without doing anything.
      3. Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services – stop the Windows Update Service, stop the Background Intelligent Transfer Service, stop the Cryptographic Services (highlight the Service, click on the “stop” link upper left). Leave the window open.
      4. Go to C:\Windows and Rename the SoftwareDistribution folder to SoftwareDistribution.old – if it tells you you don’t have permission, seacrh for explorer, right click and run as admin.
      5. Reboot your computer
      6. Login, wait 15-20 minutes without doing anything.
      7. In Windows Update, Check for updates. It may take a long time.

      DO NOT check anything in the “optional updates” list
      DO NOT check anything that is unchecked in the “important updates” list
      If you have been hiding the telemetry patches, the list is here
      It is not recommended to hide anything else. Unchecking an update means it will not be installed.
      8. UNCHECK any patches you don’t want to install.
      9. UNCHECK any driver updates
      10. Install KB4022719
      11. If it is successful, reboot, login, wait at least 10 minutes without doing anything.
      12. Reset Windows Update to your normal setting (Never, Let me choose, etc), and install the rest of the patches as you normally would.

      This may take a while. If you need to wait till tomorrow, it’s OK.

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        This is very good info. You should turn it into an AKB!

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        I just scrupulously followed your instructions to a T. The only Update that I left standing to download was KB4022719. It began to download (which it had not even done at all before), but at 10% failed. The error code is the same as before (80073712). I re-tried twice more, with same result. Where do you think this leaves me now? Thanks again.

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          Let’s try a stop-gap solution.
          Try to install the Security Only Quality Update and the Cumulative Update for IE11. You will be missing the non-security piece, but if these install you will be secure. Then wait till Tuesday and see if the July Rollup will install.

          The links to the two updates are in AKB2000003. Be sure you download the right bittedness.
          Set Windows Update to “Never check” then follow Step B2 only. Leave the “Services” window open after you stop Windows Update Service and during the installation.

          Let me know if this works.

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            This is a good idea, as mentioned in text to be seen only as stop-gap solution.

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            Thanks. Just one clarification, before I follow the instructions: I went to AKB2000003 and checked the list going back to October against my Installed Updates, and none of them are there. Do I load all of them back to October, or just the 2 from June? Thanks.

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              Do I load all of them back to October

              No, those two patches each month are contained in the Rollups you have been installing. You only need the ones for June.

              What security software are using (the ones that run in the background – anti-virus, internet security, etc)? You might try turning them off temporarily when you do the installs.

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              Thanks. I’ll  try to load the 2 of them now. I will first turn off temporarily Bitdefender Antivirus. I also have Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Spybot, but they run only when I select them to do so, so I will leave them alone.

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          There is a more complicated method to reset Windows Update. It the two patches don’t install manually and the July Rollup won’t install, I will put it together for you.

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            If SoftwareDistribution reset did not fix the issue, the user has a Windows configuration problem which has nothing to do with Windows Update.
            If everything else is OK, the user should not avoid ANY updates and turn on Download but do not install in “set and forget” mode.
            The telemetry and Windows Update will eventually resolve the issue, but this will not happen immediately.
            Very important, remove correctly any additional security software from third-parties, leave all Windows services and Scheduled Tasks in their default state.
            This is a typical example of someone breaking their Operating System by following dubious advice from anywhere, except from the source.
            This explains a lot, but not everyone understands it:

            I always install Windows Updates manually.

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            Following your instructions, I successfully installed KB4021558 (the IE 11 update), and it shows up in the Windows Update Installed list. But KB4022722 failed to install; after the green progress bar went all the way to the end, a message appeared that it did not install, and that is what the Installed list shows. Ironically, I never use Internet Explorer (only Firefox and Opera). Is this good enough for now, or do you suggest that I try something further? As always, thanks.

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              OK, uncheck 4022719 and install any of the other updates that are checked (but not .NET 4.7 if it’s there).
              After reboot, set Windows Update to “Never check”
              On Tues morning (Patch Tuesday), set Windows Update to “Download but let me choose,” reboot and wait for July patches to arrive. Let the patches download. In the afternoon, reboot your computer and see if all will go ahead and install.

              If it does not install, come back. What we will probably do is uninstall the May Rollup KB4019264 (that should be the last that succeeded), and go through the routine of cleaning out the datastore again.

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              Followed your instructions just now. Downloaded all the “Important” ones, but only selected the July Rollup to install. After installing up to 11%, it failed, and gave me Error Code 80073712. (The only aspect of your message that I now realize I may not have literally followed is that I tried to install the July Rollup immediately after the new patches downloaded, whereas your message can be interpreted to mean that I should have waited several hours in between.)

              By the way, on all 4 computers in our house (all of which run Win7), for a long time now I have manually check-marked Windows Update to download each month only the Security Updates that Woody recommended, and the other 3 computers have always updated properly, and continued to do so today. This one laptop is the only problem one. Thanks for your help.

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              ollowed your instructions just now. Downloaded all the “Important” ones, but only selected the July Rollup to install.

              Not quite. I didn’t say to uncheck all the others. But that doesn’t matter at this point.
              I’m going to put together some questions that I need the answer to before we start. After I get the answers, I’ll put together another procedure we can try. Give me a while and I’ll get back to you.

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              Questions at the bottom or the thread

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              I’ve looked all over the place for your questions, but cannot find them. Thanks

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              Just posted – I type slow!

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              By the way, there was just one difference in the way I did the two downloads: on KB4022722, I selected “Open” the download, but on KB4021558, I selected to “Save” it. Could that have made any difference? Thanks.

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              Try once again, downloading the update, stop WU, install. It probably won’t make a difference, but what the heck….

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              You’re right — made no difference, KB 4022722 still downloaded but wouldn’t install. I’ve marked my calendar for next Tuesday. I’ll be back in touch then. Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

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      OK, here are the questions
      1. What was the date of the last successful update from Windows Update (WU)? List the updates that were installed at that time. Were all successful?
      2. You manually installed KB4021558. Is it still listed as installed?
      3. Have you changed any hardware on the laptop since the above date? That includes anything plugged into the external ports.
      4. Have you installed any new programs since the last successful update? Updated any to a new version?
      5. Have you made any changes to the Services or Registry since the last successful update from WU?

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        I just composed a detailed response to your questions. When I tried to send it, an error message came up that said “Your response cannot be empty.” I have no idea what that means. I included in my response a screen grab of the Windows Update History — is that causing a problem?


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          Pics are limited to 1MB. Was it bigger than that? The response didn’t make it through.

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          The screen grab is most probably the problem – only registered users can select a file to include in their posts. If you had a secure (https) hosted graphic, you could try using the “img” button on the text editor.

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            Thanks for getting back to me. That’s all way over my head. So I’ll forget about the screen grab and instead list the info the old fashioned way:

            July Rollup (KB4025341)  Failed  7/12/17 (twice)

            Update KB3147071  Successful  7/6/17

            Update KB3068708  Failed  7/6/17

            Update KB3137061  Successful  7/6/17

            Update KB3138612  Successful  7/6/17

            Update  KB3133977  Successful  7/6/17

            Update KB3172605  Failed  7/6/17

            Update KB3121255  Successful  7/6/17

            Malicious Software Removal Tool- June 2017  Failed  7/6/17

            Update KB3179573  Failed  7/6/17

            Update KB30880149  Failed 7/6/17

            Update KB3181988  Successful  7/6/17

            Update KB3184143  Failed  7/6/17

            Update KB2952664  Successful  7/6/17

            Update KB3140245  Successful  7/6/17

            Update KB31138378  Successful  7/6/17

            Security Update KB4022722  Failed  7/6/17

            Security Update KB4021558  Successful  7/6/17

            Security Update KB 4022722  Failed 7/6/17

            June Rollup KB4022719  Failed 7/5/17 (3 times)


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              OK, I just saw your list.
              Is KB4019264 May 2017 Rollup installed?
              What updates are still pending in Windows Update? updates pending

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              No, KB4019264 is not installed.

              There is a list of 10 Important/Recommended updates available and ready to be installed:

              Rollup KB4025341

              Updates KB2952664, KB3021917, KB3068708, KB3080149, KB3150513, KB3172605, KB3179573, KB3181413

              Malicious Software Removal Tool, KB890830

              There are also 8 Optional updates available.



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              See reply below

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      Here is the text only, without the screen grab. I’ll try to figure out how to send the screen grab separately.

      Thanks in advance for all of your continued assistance.

      1. Recall that on July 5, you had me erase the update history. So when I just clicked on “Review your update history”, it produced a very abbreviated list (beginning 7/5). Here is a screen grab of the entire history:
      2. As you can see from the above, KB4021558 is listed as installed. Would you like me to send you a screen grab of the 294 currently installed updates?
      3. No hardware changes since 7/5. Nothing plugged into external ports. The good news is that my wife uses this laptop solely for browsing the Web and for email, and would never even try to make any changes or plug anything into a port.
      4. No new programs since 7/5. But I performed the same roughly quarterly maintenance on her laptop that I’ve done forever, running Spybot S&D, Adaware Antivirus, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Reg Seeker, Check Disk and Disk Defragmenter, some of which I think required updates since 7/5, but I can’t remember which ones.
      5. No changes to the Services tab of msconfig, many of which have been set as Stopped for at least a couple of years. As I just went down that list, I happened to notice that “Windows Installer” is set as “Stopped” — any connection to my problem? (“Windows Update” is set as “Running”). The only changes to the registry would have been whatever RegSeeker identified as messed up.
      Hope this helps. Thanks.

      EDIT html to text (from copy>paste?)

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        1. Recall that on July 5, you had me erase the update history. So when I just clicked on “Review your update history”, it produced a very abbreviated list (beginning 7/5). Here is a screen grab of the entire history:

        Go to installed updates (bottom left). Click on the title of the date column to sort it by date. I only need the list of the last successful updates from WU – probably May 2017?

        You installed the IE11 patch  manually, not through WU. . I thought the June updates did not install through WU, so it was at least back to May (or before) that WU worked? What I need is the last time the Rollup installed successfully through WU and the other patches that installed at the same time or since then. I don’t need all the installed updates. What I am trying to determine is, what was the last successful Rollup that installed through Windows Update and if patches other than the Rollup will install even when the Rollup fails (not counting the manual download/install).

        What we are probably going to do, after some other steps, is uninstall the last Rollup.

        Then the other questions are not in relation to 7/5, but the date of the last successful Rollup from WU

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          Thanks for the clarification. Sorry I misunderstood.

          I just sorted the 283 Microsoft Windows installed updates by date. Here is the information I think you are asking for.

          1. Ignoring the updates on 7/6 in the list I just sent, the last update before that was on 5/14/17, of Update KB4014504. That was the only thing installed that date.

          2. The next previous update to that one was on 2/18/17, of Security Update KB3212646. Again, that was the only thing installed that date.

          3. The next previous update to that one was on 12/21/16, when Update KB3210131 was installed, again the only item that date.

          4. Finally, the next previous update to that one was on 12/12/16, when 3 Updates and 22 Security Updates were installed.

          As for your other questions, the answers are the same for these prior dates as I gave you for 7/5.


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      It looks like the last Rollup that was successful was Jan 2017, KB3212646.

      We are NOT going to deal with the patches listed under “optional updates”
      I want you to deal ONLY with the patches listed under “important updates.”
      DO NOT change the check marks – what’s checked stays checked, what’s unchecked stays unchecked.
      Install all the checked updates at once – hit the “install updates” button.
      After the reboot wait 10 minutes after login, then check for updates.

      Come back and tell me which of the 9 updates you listed above were unchecked, which installed successfully, which failed and if there are any now pending .

      • #124644

        Clarification please: The “Important” updates list includes the Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is checked. What do you want me to do about that one?

        By the way, all of the other 9 come with check-marks next to them.

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          DO NOT change the check marks – what’s checked stays checked, what’s unchecked stays unchecked. Install all the checked updates at once – hit the “install updates” button.

          Do EXACTLY what the instructions say.

          • #124649

            3 installed successfully, 7 failed. Successful were KB3021917, KB2952664 and KB3150513. It now shows 1 Important update available for installation, KB3177467 (which is check-marked). When the attempted installations ended, 3 error messages appeared, all of which began “Windows Update encountered an unknown error”, followed by the Error Codes 80073712, 80070490 and 80070020.

            • #124651

              OK, install KB3177467, reboot (even if it doesn’t ask) wait 5 min after login, run WU again

            • #124652

              KB3177467 installed successfully. Windows Update now says there are 6 Important Updates available: Security Rollup KB4025341 and Updates KB3068708, KB3080149, KB3172605, KB3179573 and KB3184143. Please advise.

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              Believe it or not, I believe we are making progress. More on that later.

              If all are checked, hit the “install updates” button. Reboot, wait 5 min after login, run WU, see what installed and what is pending.

            • #124660

              All 6 were checked. 3 installed successfully, other 3 did not. Successful ones were KB3172605, KB3179573 and KB3184143. Windows Update now shows the other 3 as available for installation, and each is check-marked. What next?

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              OK, see it the last three will install. Same procedure: “install updates” button, reboot, wait 5 min after login, run WU

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      Instructions to follow.
      The procedure needs to be followed EXACTLY.

      If this does not correct your problem, there is a good possibility that you will need to do a Repair install or reinstall of Windows. I will not be able to help you with this through the website. You will need to get local help. It will require a backup of your data and you will need your Windows Install disks or the Recovery disks you made when your PC was new. If you did not do the latter, you may need to make them before you start.

      If this doesn’t work, the problem most likely is due to a corrupted Registry. I notice that you mention Reg Seeker. If this is a Registry cleaner, my advice is to stop using it unless you KNOW the function/implication of each of the change it makes.

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      1. Set Windows Update to “Never check for updates

      2. Uninstall the Jan Rollup KB3212646
      Windows Update\Installed Updates – highlight KB3212646, uninstall
      Reboot, log in, wait 10 minutes without doing anything on the PC.

      3. Run Disk Cleanup Utility
      Start\All Programs\Accessories\System Tools\Disk Cleanup
      In the first box, click on “Clean up system files.”
      In the second box, do not uncheck anything. Be sure “Temporary Internet files,” “Temporary files,” and “Windows Update Cleanup” are CHECKED. Click OK. This may take a LONG time – let it run. Reboot. Wait 10 minutes after login.

      4. Disable Anti-virus\Antimalware Software
      This will need to remain off so you need something like unchecking “run when Windows starts”

      5. Stop Windows Services
      Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services
      In each case, highlight the service, go to the top left and click “stop
      Background Intelligent Transfer Service
      Windows Update Service
      Cryptographic Services

      Leave the Services window open.

      6. Rename the SoftwareDistribution and catroot2 folders
      C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution to SoftwareDistribution.713
      C:\Windows\system32\catroot2 to catroot2.713

      You will need Administrator privileges.
      Either run Explorer as Administrator
      run cmd as Administrator with these commands (without quotes):

      “Ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.713”

      “Ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.713”

      Verify that the folders have been renamed.

      7.Reboot the computer and wait 30 minutes after login without doing anything on the PC.

      8. In Windows Update, Check for updates. It may take a long time.
      DO NOT check anything in the “optional updates” list
      DO NOT check anything that is unchecked in the “important updates” list
      UNCHECK any driver updates.

      9. Make a note of the available updates. Then click “install updates

      10. Reboot the computer, wait 10 minutes after login without doing anything on the PC.

      11. Repeat steps 8-10 until there are no updates remaining (except drivers) or the remaining updates (except drivers) have all failed.

      Whatever the outcome, when you get through, you will need to turn your security software back on and reset your Windows Update setting back to normal.

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        Performed steps 1 through 5 without a problem. Also completed the first folder renaming in step 6 without a problem. But I could not rename the second one, the catroot2 folder. When I tried it by going to the C drive folder, an error message appeared “This action can’t be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program.” When I tried to rename it by running cmd as Administrator, an error message appeared that read “This service cannot accept control messages at this time.” What should I do next?

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          Check to be sure all the services are still stopped.
          Also stop the Application Identification Service
          Leave the services window open
          Be sure you have Admin privileges
          Try again

          • #124805

            Somehow the Cryptographic Services had re-set itself, after I know I had stopped it. I just stopped it again, and this time was able to re-name the catroot2 folder. So I have now rebooted, and will let you know in 45 minutes or so what is going on.

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            After I rebooted and waited about 45 minutes, I opened Windows Update, which listed 3 Important updates available — the same 3 that failed last night. I tried to Install them, but unfortunately they all just failed again.

            • #124840

              Unfortunately, that is about all we can do here.
              You need to get someone local to help you back up your data and probably do a repair install or reinstall of Windows.
              Sorry we couldn’t resolve the issue for you.

              Be sure to turn your security software back on and reset Windows Update.
              Thanks for trying so hard!!

            • #124865

              Thank you for your heroics. I will make a contribution through Paypal for the great service this page provides. If by any chance the CheckSUR log file might help to resolve the problem, and someone can tell me what clues to look for in it, would you please let me know? Thanks again.

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              Well, just shows how fast I flip through threads here sometimes as I was sure you had already checked that log file, but it was apparently another thread I saw that in. Oops, anyway, I would check the log file and search for words like “error” or “failed” and it should lead you to the juicy stuff if it’s in there.

              Running the System Update Readiness Tool creates that log file in your Windows > Logs > CBS folder, I believe. It should be called CheckSUR.log. You said you ran it once in your opening post, so wouldn’t hurt to try again now. If you find anything, it might point someone in the right direction to help you resolve the rest of your issue.

    • #124843

      Is there any chance that the CheckSUR log file has the answers for the remaining three updates? You guys had him check it initially, so after all that’s been done, is it possible there are new clues to find there for the remaining issues?

      I know that when I had to fix my system because of borked updates, the person helping me out had me show him that log file a few times during the process and it kept telling him exactly what needed to be done.

    • #124673

      All 3 failed. They include the Rollup KB4025341. What now? Thanks.

    • #124678

      Give me until tomorrow afternoon to put together the procedure.
      I believe you are EDT? I’m CDT. Make it 1:00pm your time (or later if necessary for you)

    • #124679

      Thanks. I’ll pretty much be around all day. And Yes, I am in the Eastern time zone.

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