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    Microsoft just re-released the notorious KB 3035583 “GWX” system installer and KB 3173040, which is the full-page Get Windows 10 nag patch. There’s al
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      The bad guys
      are all listed as Recommended.
      Those are the only updates which I currently do not install and not hide either, the so-called block list or black list.
      It is worth mentioning though that if the configuration in KB3080351 – How to manage Windows 10 notification and upgrade options is followed, the black listed patches do not have effect.

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      Hi Woody:
      Posted a response to this earlier, 7/19/2016 Microsoft sent KB3035583 to my windows update today as an optional update. After placing it in hide it became an important update. Now have two KB3035583 in hide. I repeat, what a joke.

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      Sorry Woody:
      Recommended update not important.Both KB3035583 Started as optional, then in hide became recommended.

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      System is Win7-64 Pro, SP1. I only had the GWX KB3035583 visible. It was recommended, starred and in italics, but unchecked.

      Searching the related KB article titled “Update installs Get Windows 10 app in Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1” (at least they are now honest), said it was last Review: 07/19/2016 20:10:00 – Revision: 16.0. I did not install it.

      I had previously hidden KB 3173040, and it was not showing up at this time.

      I had no other updates available as of 11:52PM EDT.

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      Stop calling it a re-release, it is an update. Every time you update Windows 10 they update GWX too. It is an update of an update, not a re-release.

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      Hi Woody,

      Win7 SP1 Professional – I only got 3035583 offered; no sign of 3173040.

      I haven’t installed it (not brave enough), and don’t intend to.



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      Yes the great Nemesis KB3035583 was back again, also KB3173040 showed up but only on my 2 old 32-bit machines. Not sure what that’s about, but they are now all obliterated, went to Windows 10 patches Valhalla. Thanks for the heads up AGAIN.. 9 days and counting, I’m quite sure more malware will be thrown our way before August. BLEHHH..

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      I notice on the Microsoft page for KB3173040 that the message says you can roll back “within 31 days” now. I’m just wondering if that’s a change or not.

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      I can’t confirm anything for those two patches (they’re currently not showing up on my machine), but I can confirm that a ‘new’ version of KB2952664 has appeared in my “Important” updates list as of yesterday – already checked, of course.

      Because, y’know – the dozens and dozens of times I have vehemently and viciously said “No Way!” to any and all of Microsoft’s Windows 10 nonsense over the past year may have just been playful flirtation on my part … all to get them to try harder.


      What’s next MS – a roofie in my morning coffee, only so I wake up in the afternoon with a bad headache and an even worse case of Windows 10?

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      This morning (7/20) the popup says “Upgrade to Win 10” instead of the deadline date at the top and has a countdown clock (9days, x hours, x minutes, x seconds), with two buttons below “Decline free offer” and “Upgrade now.” Don’t know if this means it will automatically upgrade when the clock counts down or not. That would be a nasty surprise if it tried to upgrade EVERYBODY on the 29th!!!

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      W7 SP1, x64

      KB 3173040 is listed on my machine as released on July 19, and is Optional, Italicized and Recommended.

      KB 3035583 is listed on my machine as released on July 19, and is Optional, Italicized and Recommended.

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      Nope, it’s always been that way. Many people have reported it as 30 days, or a month — I’ve reported both. The correct answer appears to be that, after 31 days, some Windows program (haven’t been able to figure out which one) deletes windows.old, thus making it impossible to roll back.

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      I stand corrected. It’s just that re-re-re…-releasing the same set of files seems like a, well, a re-release. I guess it’s an update, too.

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      Last release date I’ve seen on KB2952664 is 7/5/16

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      That wouldn’t surprise me in the least PKCano and you may be onto something there!

      If all of a sudden clicking an X to close a window translates into Yes I could see that as Microsoft’s “default” choice if you don’t choose one of the available options during the countdown.

      Pose this question to somebody at MS Woody!

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      If only Emilia Clarke, Pops and Kyle Reese were around they could ‘update’ a whole can of whoop-tushy on Microsoft’s very own Genisys OS.
      Preferably without the headache-inducing time travel and parallel universe shenanigans.

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      Based on something Woody published some time ago, I advise my clients to hide EVERY recommended update in the Windows section that is NOT labeled security. That really avoids all of this GWX and Win19 stuff. They also all use GWX control panel.

      The earlier info this is based on was a note that there had not been a single update to Win7 since 2014 that has in any way improved Win7. Only security updates and ones that gather information and send it to MS and ones that grease the skids to Win10 hell.

      The only exception has been an update that somehow made Win Update work again.


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      Strictly speaking, it is a re-release as long as people see it hidden multiple times and as long as it appears multiple times in WSUS. An update means a revision in place.

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      Re-checked at 10:16AM EDT and no new updates. So just KB3035583 last night.

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      Win 7 64 bit SP1 Home Premium.

      I have KB2952664 with a published date of 7/12, but I’m not seeing any content newer than 7/5.

      KB3035583 and KB3173040 were published 7/19. All of the usual GWX-related suspects are optional-recommended. The only non-recommended optionsals are the Skype, my MSE definitions, and a currency marking update (KB3102429).

      I’ve unhidden everything, but the list is getting long. Looking forward (with hope!) to July 30th.

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      “It was recommended, starred and in italics, but unchecked.”

      Goodness, now they’ve added stars?! This is getting ridiculous.

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      Same exact thing here on my Win8.1 x64 machine. Both updates, July 19, optional & italicized.

      A slight twist though. I had not run the WU scan since the July fourth DEFCON 3 installs. 3035583 was hidden & 3173040 had not shown up. So I unhid 3035583 last night thinking that my old one would be overwritten/replaced with the new one when I ran the scan. Sure enough, as soon as the scan finished the publish date went to July 19. 3173040 appeared as well.

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      Man, in my line of work I deal in making distinctions, but this is too much.

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      This might be off subject…….. but I have just received KB 3172605 which MS says is a Roll up for Win7.SP1. It is in optional and non Italic.
      I thought earlier that the Roll Up was for those machines that had just installed Win7. Wondering if MS have included various bits for GWX in this…. their description of the KB is and I quote:

      “The July 2016 update rollup includes some new improvements and fixes including the improvements from June 2016 update roll up KB3161608 for the Windows 7 SP1 and 2008 R2 SP1 platform. We recommend that you apply this update rollup as part of your regular maintenance routines”

      Would appreciate your input……. thanks! LT

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      Two new patches today. More details in the morning….

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      KB3172605 replaces and updates KB3161608.
      KB3161608 is now expired.

      I think Microsoft uses this new method of installing Optional rollup updates replacing the previous ones as a pilot to test a future implementation for Security and Critical Updates (both are so-called Important) to resolve the slow response of Windows Update which is caused exactly by the superseded patches not being retired.

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