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    KB 2952664, 2977759, 2976978 are more of the same-old, same-old. InfoWorld Woody on Windows
    [See the full post at: KB 3135449 and 3135445 could be useful, but ignore the rest of Microsoft’s batch]

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      So many updates about… Windows Update?

      Microsoft sure has forgotten that the reason we have computers with operating systems is to do the things WE want to do.


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      I fail to see how KB3135445 could ever be useful to me, since Windows 10 will never be on any of my computers. “But if Windows Update is running at a crawl, it would behoove you to get caught up.” you say? I seriously doubt it. On every computer I ever used that runs Windows, Windows Update is always slooooow. It has become the norm ages ago. It’s tradition. I don’t really care if it takes 1 minute, 15 minutes or 48 hours for Windows Update to show the monthly patches: no update even remotely associated to Windows 10 has any business existing on my computers. Just thought I’d chip in with my negativity, since I feel the wording “could be useful” is a bit misleading here. Could be harmful is more like it.

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      That’s true as well. In this particular case, though, it looks like MS is trying to make a break with the past, and actually fix an ongoing problem with Windows Update. May just be my rose tinted glasses, though…

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      The quote below is from the InfoWorld article and after reading the entire article I’m a bit confused and shall we say “gun shy”.

      “If you feel Windows Update is running fast enough, I don’t see any big reason to install either of them. But if Windows Update is running at a crawl, it would behoove you to get caught up.”

      Earlier in the article you stated it contains many of the same files as KB2990214 but then you advise installing this one if the update process is still taking a long time.

      I am indeed still suffering with long waits updating Windows but I’d prefer the long waits over installing additional M$ malware.

      Have you heard anything from Josh since this update was released? Will the Control Panel ward off any monsters that may come with it?

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      But what about the WU for January? Still at Defcon 2 and we’re due for another slate of updates next Tuesday.

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      Working on it now.

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      There is one Optional Win 7 update that appeared a few days ago…KB3102433, the .NET Framework 4.6.1 upgrade. Normally, I hide all Optional updates, but Susan Bradley mentioned this one in her Jan. 27 Patch Watch column as something you might want to install. Have you had a chance to evaluate it yet? When you move us to Defcon 3, will this be included?
      Thank you.

      iPhone 13, 2019 iMac

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      This doesn’t appear to flip any of the Win10 upgrade hot switches. What isn’t known is whether it’ll add to Microsoft’s new snooping initiatives. My guess is that it doesn’t – but I have no proof. I’m pretty confident, though, that it’ll speed up many machines with Windows Update slowdowns.

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      Woody, your Defcon 3 notes mentioned .Net Framework 4.5.2 but not 4.6.1. Susan’s Jan. 27 Patch Watch seemed to imply 4.6.1 is OK. So, I checked this Optional update and installed it. I concur with Susan, it seems to be OK.

      iPhone 13, 2019 iMac

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      Good point. I’m changing the article.

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      I installed it and it made no difference at all in the long wait for updates, I still watched the progress set at zero for a little over 20 minutes before it moved.

      On the bright side though the GWX Control Panel still showed I appear to be safe after the installation and a restart.

      Anybody hoping for it to be a miracle cure for the amount of time it takes to update don’t waste your time on this bomb.

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      Ouch. I’ve seen other reports that it helps, so it appears to be a dicey patch.

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      Handle with care, but do install 3135445. Windows update does get much faster, especially on slower computers. But it’s a hot potato. The problem is that 3135445 flips your Windows Update setting to “Install updates automatically” regardless of its previous setting. Next a week later came the full suite of GWX nagware and spyware updates, regardless of whether I had hidden them previously or not. And so my W7 system rebooted in the middle of the night while running a program of mine that I wanted to keep running, and came back up nagging me to upgrade to Windows 10. So do 3135445, but then IMMEDIATELY go into Windows Update and check its settings. In the future, I’m going to check that setting frequently! Because now I’ve got a mess to untangle with removing all that GWX junkware that crept onto my system.

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      Interesting. Are you sure KB 3135445 changes the Windows Update setting???

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      Just install Windows 10. Free yourself from the horror that is Windows 7. Windows 7 is a very, very old and deprecated operating system. You should not use it anymore.

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      Yes, that’s a troll. Ignore him/her/it.

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