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    5022836 has been offered over and over again.  I have W11 21H2 build 22000.1574 Lenovo ThinkPad

    After initial attempt, the update keeps being offered. I click “download” but window changes immediately to “up to date”. Update history indicates update installation failed originally on 3/17, then again 3/20, 3/20, 3/22

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      What’s the error message?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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      Try downloading and installing from the catalog:

      Carpe Diem {with backup and coffee}
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        Thank you. I downloaded the link, but that is only the installer which is already in the pc. Nothing about the actual update.  Now what?

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        Went through some of the steps, none seem to help, WU offered same update, clicked download, immediately went to “up to date”, but history indicates it did not install with same error.

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          which did you try?

          Have you tried installing from a clean boot?


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            Yes, went through all the steps for safe mode startup, cmd prompts, etc.

            At net stop wuauserv it said update service is not started.

            at net stop cryptserv it stopped the service.

            Software Distribution folder was not there

            net start wuauserv was not accepted, it could not be done in safe mode.

            net start cryptserv started service.

            Tried installing 5022836, would not install, said “retry” which I did, this ended up being same as “check for updates”. 5022836 failed to install, others installed

            Ran the update again from the catalog, it says 5022836 is already installed!!

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      Does it show as successfully installed in your update history now?


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        Update History is not necessarily a good indicator of what’s installed.
        Better to look in the list of Installed Updates. If it’s listed, it won’t install again. If the March CU (KB5023698) has been installed, KB5022836 won’t show b/c it’s been superseded.

        Control Panel\Programs & Features – View installed updates (link)
        Settings App\Update & Security\Windows Update\Update History – scroll down to “Uninstall updates”

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          Control Panel\Installed updates indicates it was installed 3/8/23. But it kept showing up as not installed and as installation having failed.

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      Control Panel\Installed updates indicates it was installed 3/8/23. But it kept showing up as not installed and as installation having failed.

      I added the bolding above for emphasis.

      and @PKCano , since Ken has also had issues trying some of the steps in trying to reset the WU queue (as documented in post 2546499 above) would it be a good idea for him to try the procedure to reset the WU queue that’s outlined very well in AKB2000013, or will that procedure not work at all or not work too well in the Windows 11 environment? After all, it sounds like that resetting the queue will help him get rid of the repeated notices from WU trying to install the update that’s already been (seemingly successfully) installed.

      EDIT to add: Given the age of the procedure in AKB2000013, might there be a better, newer procedure to purge the WU queue and the Software Distribution folder for Windows 11 than the older procedure for Windows 10?

      Also, instead of resetting the WU queue, would it be a better idea to run dism in order to check for issues with the servicing part of WU and correct any issues it finds, followed by a round of sfc?

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        The purpose of AKB2000013 is to clear the WU queue of previously hidden updates before updating, because what’s in the queue is what will be downloaded and installed.

        What would possibly be a better attempt at a solution here would be to clear the DataStore\Software Distribution so that the downloaded\pending installs are eliminated. To do that, in an elevated Command Prompt (Run as Administrator) run the following commands followed by a computer Restart (not ShutDown/Restart):

        net stop wuauserv
        net stop cryptSvc
        net stop bits
        net stop msiserver
        Ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
        net start wuauserv
        net start cryptSvc
        net start bits
        net start msiserver

        The SoftwareDistrubution folder will be regenerated without the previous downloads.
        Hopefully this will stop the reappearance of KB5022836.

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          …followed by a computer Restart (not ShutDown/Restart)

          For clarity for those reading this thread, what’s meant by the above description is to click the Start Menu, then click on the symbol for “power” at the very bottom of the left hand side of the resulting menu (it looks like the international symbol for on/off), and then click the option labeled “Restart”, which has a picture of a counter-clockwise pointing arrow next to it. Please DO NOT click the option that says “Shut Down”.

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          OK, thank you! Did it all, hope it worked! No news from me in the next week is good news.

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      I uninstalled it from Control Panel, then installed it again from the WU Catalog last week.

      It was offered again today.

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      Now I hid it.

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