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    Please check your Windows 7 and 8.1 machines, and tell me if KB 3035583 appears in Windows Update? Post here and tell me (1) Windows version, (2) Does
    [See the full post at: KB3035583, the “Get Windows 10” app is re-re-re-released]

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      Better still, KB3033583 is being shown as an ‘important’ update by WU 8.1 – but, when I clicked to show the updates, it still listed as ‘recommended’


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      Correction – that’s KB3035583 – sight garble.

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      I checked, and yep, it’s set as a Recommended Update.

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      On my Windows 7-64 Pro SP1 machine it showed as Optional, however when you clicked on it the text on the right said it was “recommended update” and it was preceded by a yellow star! However, on my system, it shows up in Windows Update as still optional and was NOT pre-checked for install. I made a screen shot.

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      Listed as recommended, unchecked – Windows 7 64-bit

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      Can confirm it was listed on 3 Win7 systems here as recommended and unchecked. Came out within the last few hours as I had checked earlier

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      KB3035583 is showing on W7 pro and home editions as unchecked,recommended optional update.
      Thank you Woody for all that you do.

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      Win7 64bit. Have had KB3035583 hidden for months. Wasn’t in WU Optional patch list yesterday. Showed up today in WU Optional patch list as “Recommended” (NOT checked).

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      I have Win7 through Windows Parallels on my MacBook Pro by Apple. Today 3035583 reappeared in the Optional group as a recommended update. I used right-click to hide it, but who knows for how long that will last.

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      I have Win 7 64 bit, and the patch is in my Windows Update list, unchecked, under Optional.

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      On Windows 7 Pro 64 bit it shows up as an “Optional” update that is “Recommended”.

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      KB3035583 showing up as Recommended and is checked. I’m running 8.1.

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      Win7 Pro 64 bit. Shows as Optional update and unchecked. The description calls it a Recommended Update.

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      Nowt this side of the pond yet. Ye olde faithful 3035583 (recommended) still hidden and tucked neatly away in the closet. Win 7 x64 HP.

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      >On my sole surviving Windows 8.1 machine, KB 3035583 appears as optional, unchecked, italicized.

      It’s high time to re-evaluate whether you want Windows Updates on your older system(s).

      Keep in mind…

      This is today’s Microsoft releasing these updates…

      They are more aggressive than ever w/regard to pushing you to Win 10.

      They have entered a time where they document things more tersely than ever – if at all..

      They have decided to push testing onto users (think “rings” and “deferred upgrades”).

      Their recent work is mostly application programming; they’re not doing hard-core OS work much.

      Tell me again why you would want to invite updates into an older Windows system?

      Some very wise people have said, “If it works, don’t fix it.”


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      KB3035583 – Important – Recommended – checked – Windows 7 64 bit

    • #46942

      Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, optional, unchecked, italicized.

      Thanks for everything!

      Joe K

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      I watch the updates. Doesn’t mean I apply them! 😉

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      Windows 8.1: Optional, unchecked, italicized. Hid that sucker immediately!

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      You leave yourself vulnerable if you don’t patch, lots of software has vulnerabilities, once these vulnerabilities are found the many different companies apply security patches to harden their software. At some point you have to patch if you want to remain protected, just not a good idea to patch right when an update is available unless you know it isn’t going to affect your system in a way other than what the patches are intended to do, to keep you safe.

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      Nothing yet, as of 6 p.m. EST. I’ve hidden it at least three times, so perhaps they have given up on me. 🙂 I have GWX CP running in monitor mode, perhaps that has something to do with it.

      Windows 8.1, 64 bit.

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      Optional, italics, box not checked.

    • #46948

      Hasn’t shown up on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit machine.

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      Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 32 bit. It is there, but not pre-selected. My understanding is that recommended updates are shown italicized in Windows Update if recommended update are not to be treated in the same way as important updates. Many thanks for all your help, Woody!

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      Win 7 Home Premium SP1 (64 bit), optional, unchecked, italicized

    • #46951

      – Win 7×64 Home Premium OEM

      KB3035583 appeared this morning U.S. time in my WU list.

      – Unchecked
      – Optional list
      – Italicized

      I’m not sure if this info helps regarding the italicized question, but here’s what I’ve seen with my PC:

      My WU setting is “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them”. That’s been the setting for a long time.

      I recently unchecked the setting “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates.”

      I began to notice some WU’s italicized after I changed that setting.

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      Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit.
      This image is a clone of my working system and has all of this month’s security and defender updates.
      KB3035583 was hidden. Appeared today as Important but not checked.

    • #46953

      Win 7 64 bit
      Showed up today as important, not checked , not italicized.
      I checked for updates right after I saw you note on this.

    • #46954

      Yep, I’ve got that pain in the posterior as well. It is showing up as an optional update, unchecked, with the update listed in italics. Shows it as a recommend update. They just don’t get the message, do they??? Come on Microsoft, get your heads out of your posteriors and listen to your customers.

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      KB3035583 appears on my computer, which is running Windows 7 professional, 32-bit.It appears in the optional list, unchecked and italicized.

    • #46956

      Windows 7. Don’t see it. Already hid it once.

    • #46957

      Interesting. That might explain my italicized entries, too. I’ve wondered about that for years!

    • #46958

      Running Windows 7 here. Just ran WU:


      Present in optional list
      Not checked

      Glad to contribute to your Big Data (unlike Microsoft’s) considering all you have done for us.

    • #46959

      I also recently changed that setting and this is the first italicized entry I believe I’ve ever seen.

      Joe K

    • #46960

      KB3035583 appears in Optional updates, unchecked and italicized.
      Win 7×64 Home Premium.

    • #46961

      1. Windows 7 Professional x64
      2. Shows up as Important
      3. Shows up Unchecked
      4. Not Italicized

      I had a previous KB3035583 update hidden, but it is no longer in my Hidden updates list as it again shows up as an Important update.

    • #46962

      Checked for updates earlier today, running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, no KB3035583, I’m in the UK, so maybe not got to us yet? Already had it 3 times, all hidden, running GWX and using Group Policy to block.

    • #46963

      I hid that particular update in December 2015 on both my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit machines, it hasn’t appeared again on either yet. I’m in the UK so it may appear tomorrow morning GMT in which case I’ll add an update here.

    • #46964


      To my last post. On main Windows update window it says I have 1 important update. When I click the 1 important update link, I’m taken to the Important (1) tab (Not optional tab). HOWEVER, the info in column to the right within Windows update says it is a “Recommended Update”. So I guess it is instead a Recommended update in the Important section of Updates.

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      Windows 8.1 Home Premium KB3035583 reappeared. Unchecked and italicized.

      Release date today.

    • #46966

      KB3035583 appears in Optional updates, unchecked and italicized.
      Win 7×64 Home Premium.

    • #46967

      Woody – running Win-7 Home Premium with Service Pac 1 … AFFIRMATIVE … patch
      KB3035583 DOES appear in the IMPORTANT
      list … but it is UN-checked.

      Happy to help you out with the check –
      we all owe you Big Time for all your
      guidance over the years!


    • #46968

      Hi, Woody. Appears as a recommended italicised update, but only when I manually ran MS Update.

      Ignored and hidden, as usual!

    • #46969

      Its there. I have WIN 7 Ultimate SP1, the KB is in the optional list, not checked, and is italicized.

    • #46970

      Win-7 Home Premium x64 SP-1

      KB3035583 is in Optional updates, unchecked, italicized. I’ve had my Windows Updates set to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” for several years. I’ve always had the “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates” box unchecked. Never paid attention to italicized or not before, so don’t know how long that’s been happening.

    • #46971

      Six (6) Win7 KB3035583 present in optionals, unchecked, NOT italicized.

      Three (3) Win8.1 KB3035583 present in optionals, CHECKED, NOT italicized.

      These are Recommended – may not show up if “give me recommended” is unchecked. I still have it checked so I see what’s coming.

      Also, on all these computers, I have hidden telemetry, Win Update Client changes, 3035582, 2952664, etc. (maybe why not italicized?)

    • #46972

      Win 8.1
      Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB3035583)
      Update type: Recommended
      It’s italicized & in the optional section.

    • #46973

      Maybe the “recommended” thing!

    • #46974

      Windows 7
      Not checked

    • #46975

      Running Win 7 Home Premium SP1 (64 bit). Has not shown-up in my update list.

    • #46976

      Windows 7 Enterprise, 64 bits, KB 3035583 does not appear.

    • #46977

      Win 7 Professional – SP1

      Important Update – kb3035583 – checked, NOT italicized

      I’ve been running kb3065987 (Group Policy to prevent Windows upgrades) since it was first offered and MY mobo won’t even SUPPORT Win10 !!

    • #46978

      Windows 7 Home Premium, it’s in the Optional section, in italics, unchecked. I’m at notify, but let me decide.

    • #46979

      Windows 8.1, 64 bits
      KB3035583: important update, checked, not italicized

    • #46980

      Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium x64 – optional, unchecked, italicized (and hid again!)

    • #46981

      Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64 bits, KB 3035583 does not appear.

      Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bits, KB 3035583 does not appear.

      Both are desktop computers.

      Both have Windows Update set to check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them. All other update options are unchecked.

      Both computers are running latest versions of GWX Control Panel and SpyBot Anti-Beacon, even though I’ve not installed any telemetry or Windows 10 enabling patches up till now, to the best of my knowledge.

    • #46982

      KB 3035583 appears in Windows Update – 24 February 2016

      1. Windows 7 Professional SP1, 32-bit

      2. Important list

      3. Box is unchecked

      4. Not italicized

      In case it’s of any interest/use, the update size is shown as 526 KB – 612 KB

      I have Windows Update turned off; that is, I initiate a check for updates when it’s convenient for me to do so.

    • #46983

      Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1
      Not checked
      Not italicized

    • #46984

      KB3035583 is in Optional updates, unchecked, italicized. I’ve had my Windows7x64 Updates set to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” for several years. Thank you for your work.

    • #46985

      It showed up on a friend’s Windows 8.1 machine Sunday, but not on my Win7 Pro machine (yet I guess).

    • #46986

      1. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

      2. Optional list

      3. Unchecked

      4. Italicized

    • #46987

      Win7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
      Optional, but Recommended
      Unchecked & Italicized

      Published 12/15/2015

    • #46988

      (1) Windows version – WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM (2) Does the patch appear in the Important or Optional list – IMPORTANT (3) Is the box to the left of the patch checked or unchecked – UNCHECKED (4) Italicized or not – NOT ITALICIZED

      Thanks Woody

    • #46989

      @woody Before you ask, I’ve never seen a definitive explanation about why patches appear italicized

      Isn’t that the difference between ‘Recommended’ – Italicised and ‘Optional’ – straight text?

    • #46990

      Windows 7 64-Bit. NOT showing anywhere. Yet… I’m waiting for it silently in the dark, with a baseball bat.

    • #46991

      Win 7 Home Premium SP1


      I found this on the TechNet site:


      …and the second snip is exactly what I see under the optional tab i.e. Recommended Update (in italics).

    • #46992

      Five systems here with all of them running a different flavor of Windows 7 SP-1…

      Ultimate x64
      Professional x64
      Professional x32
      Home Premium x64
      Home Premium x32

      ALL 5 flavors show the update as unchecked, optional and italicized.

    • #46993

      The “Give me recommended updates” option being unchecked is absolutely the reason for the italicized text Woody.

      I haven’t seen this mentioned yet so here’s something from the “More information” link for this update that I find a little strange..

      Update replacement information:

      This update does not replace a previously released update.

    • #46994

      Win8.1 x64, Important, Unchecked, Not italicized.

      FWIW: kb2976978, kb3123862, & kb3135449 from 2/9/16 are not installed or hidden on this machine, and still show up checked and important; & a barrage of 13 Optional ‘Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems’ patches released 2/16/16 remain unchecked and uninstalled as well.

    • #46995

      Windows 7 Pro SP1
      kb3035583 shows up as optional update
      (GWX control panel installed and active)

    • #46996

      Running Win 7 Professional SP1.
      KB3035583 today appears as Optional Update, unchecked, italics.
      On being banished to Hidden Updates, shows there as Recommended.
      (I wonder if it is in italics because earlier versions of KB3035583 were already banished by me to Hidden Updates. Today’s MS re-issue appears to have un-banished earlier KB3035583 versions from Hidden Updates, back into the “live” area).

    • #46997

      It’s a little more complex. Several people here have nailed it. I’ll put it in the article momentarily.

    • #46998

      Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium 64bit KB3035583 appears as recommended update. Have hidden the update.

    • #46999

      Got it today. Optional. In italics. Win7 Home Premium SP1

    • #47000

      Windows 7 Professional; Version 6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1), connected to AD.

      I pulled the previously hidden KB3035583 back from hidden just to see where it ends up now:

      Important, checked, not italicized

      Going to put it back in the hidden list now…

    • #47001

      KB3035583 came down the shoot this morning as Optional, Unchecked, Italics.

      W7 SP1 x64
      GWX CP on monitor.

    • #47002

      Win 7 Sp1.
      KB3035583 shows as Optional, italicized(Recommended Update), unchecked and the publish date shows 12/15/2015

    • #47003

      I got KB3035585 on both of my Windows 7 machines yesterday, as RECOMMENDED!!!

    • #47004

      On my Windows 7 (86) Home Premium machine: Important, unchecked (not italicized)

    • #47005

      Install gwx control panel and no more problems.

    • #47006

      Windows 7 Professional SP1

    • #47007

      W7 SP1 x64
      GWX not installed
      5583 does not show up again, yet.
      I have an earlier hidden one.

    • #47008

      Ref KB3035583:
      Optional–Win7 HOME PREMIUM SP1..UNCHK…722-821 KB

    • #47009

      Windows 7 Professions (x64)-SP1- build 7601.
      I hid 3035583 (last June)(recommended). It is still hidden, GWX Control Panel running always.
      It was NOT present in my latest list of updates.

    • #47010

      Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 I am seeing KB3035583 as Optional italicized and unchecked.

    • #47011

      KB3035583 Important, unchecked, not italicized

      W7 Home Premium SP1 X64

    • #47012

      This morning on all machines (all 64 bit factory installs–three in place upgrades from Home to Pro: Lenovo, Dell 9100, HP Pav)

      Lenovo laptop 8.1 pro main, checked
      Dell laptop 7 pro optional, unchecked italic
      HP laptop 7 main, unchecked
      HP laptop 7 main, unchecked
      HP Pav Desktop 7 pro, main, unchecked
      Dell 8700 7 pro main, unchecked
      Dell 9100 7 pro main, unchecked

      All machines have GWX CP on monior

    • #47013

      All computers mentioned are Win7 Pro SP1 64 bit.
      Set to notify but let me choose
      Give me recommended unchecked

      On my home computer, it did not show up. Until I checked give me recommended. Then it showed up under optional, unchecked, italicized. And promptly got hidden, again!

      On my work computer and several other workstations, it shows under optional, unchecked, italicized.

    • #47014

      I have Windows 7 sp1
      KB3035583 shows up as optional unchecked italicized

    • #47015

      I’m mystified why some people are reporting it checked. Any guesses?

    • #47016

      That’s the old one, dated 12/15/2015.

    • #47017

      I have Windows 7 Pro (64-bit)
      Same as Sam, above:
      KB3035583 shows up as optional unchecked italicized

    • #47018

      Windows 7 ultimate.
      Upgrade to Windows 10 Update disabled via Group Policy.
      KB3035583 reappeared today Feb 24, 2016 under important updates. This update was previously hidden.

    • #47019

      That’s interesting because Windows had checked for updates this morning before I looked at the patch details.

      Have other users reported an updated publish date?

    • #47020

      Yes. Right now, my Win7 machines say “Published: Yesterday.”

    • #47021

      With all due respect, you’re no more vulnerable than you have been all along.

      These are bugs Microsoft put in in the first place. Who’s to say the patches don’t have more bugs?

      And your statement assumes that there are people pushing to find chinks in your armor constantly.

      Statements like “you leave yourself vulnerable” border on paranoia.

      You might point out that once Microsoft issues a fix, there are crack teams of experts dissecting the fix to find the vulnerabilities they didn’t know about. I would counter by saying, again, keep in mind that without exceptional conditions even these people aren’t all just outside your door all the time.

      You make yourself more vulnerable by listening to people who oversimplify and generalize and spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


    • #47022

      Maybe they don’t have OS upgrades blocked?

    • #47023

      Woody, a brief followup from yesterday. The laptop (Win 7 x64 Home Premium) has update settings the same as the two desktops running x64 Ultimate. “Important updates” is set to “Check for updates but …” and “Recommended updates” is unchecked.

      On all three machines kb3035583 showed up as “Optional”, unchecked, and not italicized.

    • #47024

      Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit, SP1. KB3035583 is in the Optional section, unchecked, and italicized.

      Being 20 something in the 70's was much more fun than being 70 something in the 20's.
    • #47025

      Woody…four hours ago I told you it had not shown up on my Win 7 pro (64) desktop computer.
      Now it is here! It is listed as an optional, recommended update. In italics, box unchecked.

    • #47026

      No offense taken. When new security updates are released they patch the known vulnerabilities that have been found, sure there could still be some vulnerabilities. Oses have million lines of code, and we know Microsoft in particular doesn’t distribute a finished product. It isn’t paranoia once an exploit has been found.

    • #47027

      We’re on or near the same page I think.

      I’ve kept up with updates in the past. I do know the advantages of partnering with a firm to derive value.

      But this isn’t the same Microsoft. Not at all. Now we have to defend our older OS from activity that only a few years ago would have been considered very much that of a malware author.

      Remember PUP? “Potentially Unwanted Program”.

      Whatever reason we hundreds of millions of Win 7 and 8 users may have for holding back and continuing to run an older OS, it’s not because we’ve accidentally missed the offer!!!


    • #47028

      I agree. Windows 7 Pro will stay my main production machine until something better is on the market. Windows 10 has a long ways to go before I would make the switch.

    • #47029

      CompaWindows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit, SP1
      Important, checked, un-italisized

    • #47030

      There’s another one that’s checked. I have no idea why some of these patches are checked. The vast majority are not….

    • #47031

      I have Win 8.1 64-bit. I ran check for updates today (last run over a week ago) and it appeared as important, checked and non-italicized.

      After hiding update (again), it shows as a recommended update under the Restore Hidden Updates.

    • #47032

      Win7 Pro SP1 64 bit.
      Important, checked, un-italisized

    • #47033

      My second machine.
      Win7 Pro SP1 64 bit.
      Important, this one not checked, un-italisized

    • #47034

      It showed up in my Optional list.

    • #47035

      Forgot–not checked.

    • #47036

      Pfffff, GWX panel is not how I roll, I have my list of updates that never reach my system. Having said that, the great Satan 3035583 is still not showing up here. Is it because no version of it ever has been installed on any of my computers or is it because I also never installed the “updates” to Windows Update or is it because I’m Finnish, I don’t know. Fact is that it’s not showing and that makes this a great day. I must be doing something right.

    • #47037

      Win 7 Pro 64-bit, was Important Recommended, not checked, un-italicized. Hid it 2 days ago and it remains hidden today. But there are two entries in hidden list, differing only by size. Do other folks see this?

      PS: Thanks, Woody, for this valuable service!

      From WU Restore hidden updates window:

      Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3035583)
      Download size: 721 KB – 820 KB

      Update type: Recommended


      Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3035583)
      Download size: 722 KB – 821 KB

      Update type: Recommended

    • #47038

      I’m about to publish an explanation. In fact, there are two different versions. Coming up next on AskWoody.

    • #47039

      Still not showing here, I’m so happy I’m replying to myself.

    • #47040

      Oh CRAP, Satan’s back… Blehhh.. Then again, I have noticed it’s quite satisfying to catch and disable this malware myself, no antivirus programs involved. Thank you Microsoft for making the little guy feel a bit special. So keep on sending shady updates my way, I have all the time and patience in the world. You’re the one who looks ridiculous with your DESPERATE bullying. Windows 10 is garbage. All of it.

    • #47041

      Just noticed today (26.02) that the update appeared.
      I’m running: Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) and the update (kb3035583) was marked: Important.
      (and I have hidden that specific update several times in the past)

    • #47042

      The previously unchecked KB3035583 updates on all my Win7 machines are now CHECKED in the important updates with “give me recommended” still checked.

    • #47043

      On my Windows 8.1 64-bit machine, KB 3035583 appears as optional (Recommended), unchecked, italicized. If I had Recommended updates checked (‘Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates’), KB 3035583 would be checked. Glad I turned that off in January!

      Bought a refurbished Windows 10 64-bit, currently updated to 22H2. Have broke the AC adapter cord going to the 8.1 machine, but before that, coaxed it into charging. Need to buy new adapter if wish to continue using it.
      Wild Bill Rides Again...

    • #47044

      KB 3035583 just showed up again today – after I have hidden it many many times. I installed the GWX control panel yesterday and have updates on manual.
      windows 7
      not checked

      I have never seen italics before in updates.
      I have been downloading and choosing manually since the first time windows 10 downloaded on my machine.

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