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    I am currently running windows 2004 build (19041.685).  I got a windows update notification to install KB4023057,  which is Microsoft’s push to the next operating system version.   Since I am on a current version of Windows, I believe I should not be getting this notification.   Am I correct about this assumption?

    I currently get all my updates using Powershell update and have KB4023057 blocked and will block this update with Windows Show – Hide Updates.

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      KB4023057 gets offered again and again. The next feature update  is 20H2 which is available and installable now. Unless you are beta testing, hide KB4023057.

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      I got the same thing today when I logged it via a notification from WU. Promptly ran wushohide to hide it and waiting for WU to run another search for updates in another 22 hours to get KB4023057 off its list.

      WU automatically scans for new updates every 22 hours by default unless you tweak a few different settings in gpedit related to running an update server on your network (kinda like WSUS) and then you can change the default interval from 22 hours.

      I’ve been on 2004 since I bought my two new computers from a mom and pop shop nearby this past August. Today is the first time I’ve ever been offered KB4023057, so I guess that in MS’s “opinion” I’ve been on 2004 long enough that it’s “time to move me along” to 20H2. I do plan to make the move, but not until later next month after 20H2 has had just a little more time to bake in the oven.

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        Bob99, try WUMT, and you can scan dor available updates (it uses the WU engine). Then you can hide or install as you please.

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          Instead of waiting, I just used the technique described by @PKCano in AKB2000013. Worked like a charm, update queue is now missing KB4023057, and I didn’t have to wait for WU to scan on its own! YMMV.  🙂

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      Running v2004 Home on 3 laptops. KB4023057 now appears in the WU queue and ‘force’ installs immediately after Resuming updates, even with the Metered connection set to ON.

      The process to hide this update in AKB2000013 and hence the metered ‘trick’ appears not to work any more, at least in my case. Grrrr!


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      I too had KB4023057 download & install despite having Metered connection set to ON for my Windows 10 Pro 20H2 devices. I am pretty sure that Metered connection had blocked the download & install prior to this. I did not have KB4023057 hidden via wushowhide.

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        I found nothing wrong with KB4023057 (installed already 3 times on my Windows 10).
        No settings changes…

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          Although I was taken by surprise by the download & install over a metered connection, I have not avoided KB4023057 in the past and also have been installing it. Maybe my memory is faulty, but I felt like prior install timing had been under my control. Like @Alex5723, it has never caused me any problems being installed.

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      btw, KB4023057 is also known as “Microsoft Update Health Tools” (with recent revisions of KB4023057)

      it automatically installed on my dad’s Toshiba laptop a few months ago running Win10 v2004 [despite using a metered connection].  I removed it by uninstalling “Microsoft Update Health Tools” from the classic Programs & Features control panel (appwiz.cpl), reboot and when WU tries to offer KB4023057 again for 2004, I hid it with either WUMT or wumgr.

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