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    While we tend to focus A LOT about the patch Tuesday post install issues, one thing you should also be aware of is the pains and aches that using tech
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    Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      Best thing I ever purchased was an adjustable sit/stand desk after a back injury years ago. Don’t use it as often as I should, but when the back flares up it is a Godsend!

      Purchased blue light filtering monitors because I couldn’t handle the glasses. It helps a bit but figure it won’t be long before I’m blind or near so. 18-hrs a day staring at a screen takes its toll.

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        Purchased blue light filtering monitors because I couldn’t handle the glasses.

        I’ve used the Night Light setting within Windows to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from my monitors between certain hours. The slider in that allows me to choose anything from next to no filtration to very heavy filtration.

        However, I do realize that its entirely possible that other OSes may not offer such an option, so that’s when a monitor such as the one you’ve purchased comes in very handy.

        EDIT: I just remembered that Android has a similar function to Windows’ Night Light setting for those who have Android-based phones or tablets. I have two phones with Android 9 and a tablet with Android 10 that all have that setting within their menus. The exact location differs for each version. If both of those older versions have it, I would expect that it’s also in the newer versions all the way up to the latest one (13?).

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          I do websites so have to edit and play with graphics… not that I’m good at it but can do normal stuff. The blue light filters mess up the colors. Real pain!

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      lol, back in the day before I got wise I was one of those people who only talked on a cell phone with the phone at least 12 inches from my body. Never put a cell phone close to my head. Ah, those were the days… then I got rid of the cell phone. Best decision I ever made 😉

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      The single biggest change I had make for comfort and function was eliminating the mouse.  Now I’m touchpads all around both desktop and laptop.

      My daily driver is a custom-built desktop and Adesso keyboard with a built-in basic touch pad.  I’m a keyboard shortcut nut and this keyboard suits me fine.  It’s my second Adesso.  I also still use a laptop.


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      Even though I have a very comfortable chair, I still try to remember to get up and walk around at least every half hour to 45 minutes.  Also, I really prefer my old 17 inch standard, 4:3 aspect ratio Dell monitor to those flattened down stretched out widescreens on all laptops.  When I use my laptop, I put it on a metal stand which raises the screen up and helps with cooling it too.

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      One of the most important health points when using computers is to take regular breaks, and when at the computer look away from time to time and blink the eyes several times on a distant object.

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      Thanks Susan for the reminders on managing our health besides that of our computers.

      Came across this graphic on REDDIT Cool Guides attached for your viewing and use.

      “Why Prolonged sitting and standing is unproductive” by Anna Vital

      1-JPG Pix file of approx 793 kb size.



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      Don’t sit , don’t stand. Ok gotta practice my levitation. 🎈


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