So all of a sudden I get this KMODE EXCEPTION when I boot my computer. WIN10 21H2 version. It give the blue screen, then reboots just fine. Anyone have suggestion on how to “troubleshoot” this issue? Googling doesn’t seem to offer any help. Everything works fine on second boot.

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      Sadly that’s one of those more ‘generic’ BSoD entries and usually means you have a driver issue. If it happened on a system I was working with I’d likely start by loading the dump in BSoD View to see if it has any likely culprits to show (highlight). Please keep in mind though that you may need to look at a few different dumps (if they are saved) to get closer to an answer. Sometimes it can show different drivers as being ‘potentially’ involved but generally with a few different dumps you can see what pops up most often and occasionally (depending on the drivers involved) can try to update them or even uninstall (offending programs, device drivers that also have basic Windows versions etc) the most common one to see if that fixes it…on the other hand they can also crop up after a new Windows update and short of rolling those back can be even harder to check for let alone fix as you eventually want to update!

      So short answer I guess, check that your drivers and software are all up to date to start with (This may require you to check each vendor as Windows Update doesn’t always have the latest). Then if still happens, and you feel like it, you could try the BSoD View software to check the dumps to see if you can glean any more information to steer you in the appropriate direction?

      Sorry I can’t be of better help without more information but hopefully some guru here can help you more. Good Luck!

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