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    Rev. 1.16 | December 12, 2021

    1000001 Using the System File Checker
    1000002 Links to Flash Update Resources
    1000003 Manually Install the Latest Microsoft Root Certificates
    1000004 Disable Automatic Update in Vista, Win7 or 8.1
    1000005 Disable Automatic Update in Win10
    1000006 Checksum Verification of Downloaded Files

    2000001 Backup Windows Live Mail
    2000002 Cannot Consistently Drag and Drop Attachments Out of an Outlook Message Window to the Desktop
    2000003 Ongoing List of Group B Updates for Win7 and 8.1
    2000004 How to apply the Win7 and 8.1 Monthly Rollups
    2000005 How to update Windows 10 – safely
    2000006 See if Microsoft is blocking Windows Update on your new computer
    2000007 Turning off the worst Windows 7 and 8.1 snooping
    2000008 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Lister (Microsoft Excel macros)
    2000009 Getting out of a no-boot situation after installing Windows updates
    2000010 Windows 8.1 tips
    2000011 Group A, Group B and Group W – what’s the difference?
    2000012 Neutralize Telemetry and Sustain Windows 7 & 8.1 Monthly Rollup Model
    2000013 How to clear the Windows Update queue in Win10
    2000014 Ongoing List of Apple Operating System Updates
    2000015 Listing of vendors that will sell Windows 7 ESU to small businesses
    2000016 Guide for Windows Update Settings for Windows 10
    2000017 Registry keys and command line info to block the Windows 8.1 End of Life nagware
    2000020  Mac Guide for Windows Users Wanting to Switch
    2000021 iPad Guide for Windows Users Wanting to Switch
    2952664 Telemetry in Win7/8.1 – KB2952664, KB2977759, KB2976978, & KB3150513
    2000022: Privacy adjustments for Windows 11
    2000023: Resetting the software distribution folder

    3000001 Unable to Print a .pdf Document
    3000002 Choose an AntiVirus Product
    3000003 Firefox: Additional Security, Telemetry and Security Tweaks
    3000004 Dropbox Changes Public Folders
    3000005 On the subject of Botnets
    3172605 Solving Win7 Update Scan Slowdowns

    4000002 Fix Shutdown from Overheating
    4000003 Changing your PCs Battery CR2032
    4000004 Memory: Do You Have Enough
    4000005 Care and Feeding of a Wireless Router
    4000006 What is the Internet
    4000007 What is High Speed Internet
    4000008 Ergonomics for Your Desktop Computer
    4000009 Considerations for changing your email address
    4000010 A Guide to Archiving RedBook Standard Audio CD’s

    5000001 Is a Chromebook Right for You?

    6000001 Windows Health Release Dashboard
    6000002  Guide to using WUMGR for Windows 10 updates
    6000003  Registry keys and group policy settings to select specific feature releases
    6000004 Registry keys and group policy settings for windows 11
    6000005 Registry keys to keep your machine on Windows 10
    6000006 Registry key to disable Windows Desktop Search Service for Outlook as per Microsoft guidance
    6000007 Instructions on setting up a local account on Windows 11 build 22557 and later
    6000008 Instructions to get rid of Search highlights in Windows 10 and 11
    6000009 – Testing tools to check if your device can run Windows 11
    6000010 – Using 0Patch to protect your systems
    6000011 – Resources to adjust Windows 11 menu and file system to be more like 10/8.1/7
    6000012 – Command line tools to check the status of Bitlocker encryption
    6000013 – Registry keys and commands to extend roll back period.
    6000014 – Registry keys to block drivers from updating
    6000015 – Repair install of Windows 10 22H2
    6000016 – Upgrading to Windows 10 22H2

    7000001 Changing Microsoft 365 click to run to slower patching channel

    8000001 Registry keys of interest for servers (and other links)


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