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    I recently installed Kubuntu 21.10 bare metal on my laptop. It’s working great except for this one issue. Intermittently, when shutting down, I get the following message:

    A stop job is running for session 3 of user <username>

    It then waits for 90 seconds and only continues shutting down after this times out. I can only assume that a process or daemon won’t close and has to be terminated after this timeout period. I don’t know enough about Linux yet to troubleshoot this, would anyone have any ideas?

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      Try this:


      You can get a bunch of hits by searching for the italicized phrase in your post.

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      Thanks for that. I did find it before in a Google search but dismissed it because I don’t use ProtonVPN. But I was able to enable the shutdown logging to see what might be happening. Looks to be some KDE processes:

      [ 1685.912062] systemd[1]: systemd-journald.service: Got notification message from PID 438 (FDSTORE=1)
      [ 1685.912076] systemd[1]: systemd-journald.service: Added fd 24 (n/a) to fd store.
      [ 1726.720678] systemd[1]: systemd-resolved.service: Got notification message from PID 825 (WATCHDOG=1)
      [ 1742.225382] systemd[1]: systemd-timesyncd.service: Got notification message from PID 826 (WATCHDOG=1)
      [ 1752.975408] systemd[1]: session-3.scope: Stopping timed out. Killing.
      [ 1752.975461] systemd[1]: session-3.scope: Killing process 1543 (kded5) with signal SIGKILL.
      [ 1752.975488] systemd[1]: session-3.scope: Killing process 8146 (kded5) with signal SIGKILL.
      [ 1752.975506] systemd[1]: session-3.scope: Killing process 8147 (drkonqi) with signal SIGKILL.
      [ 1752.975869] systemd[1]: session-3.scope: Failed with result ‘timeout’.
      [ 1752.975874] systemd[1]: session-3.scope changed stop-sigterm -> failed

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      Just giving a quick update on this. It’s not resolved but I found that if I log out first and then shut down, it never happens.

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