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    Lately my LastPass password manager hasn’t been functioning like it used to. Now I did just get an email stating on September 16 they will be doing some scheduled maintenance. But it isn’t even the 16th yet and I am experiencing issues with either it working or not. Any suggestions??

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      Define “not working like it used to”?

      Are you using a browser add in and have you uninstalled and reinstalled it?

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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      It works intermittently I guess you could say. I log in and am able to use it for a couple of sites then later on. I have no access to any of my sites. LastPass stays open though and I am able to retrieve my user name and passwords but have to enter them in manually. Yes, I am using a browser add on. And no, I haven’t tried uninstalling it off of my Chrome web browser thus far.

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      Oh, and another thing. I tried using some of my stored credentials such as my address and payment cards. I had no luck with selecting any stored information. With my address, I had to enter that manually. When it came to my payment information. I either had to look for the specific card from my wallet or use the Last Pass vault which had the information stored and then enter the information manually. I have no problem accessing my vault but sometimes launching various websites it won’t enter my stored information. Such as user name and password. I am tempted to remove the extension and add it back. I know how to remove it but a little sketchy on how to add it back. Note* when using my stored credentials. I noticed the box that normally pops up has moved to a different location.

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      Just go to the extension add in and search for lastpass again.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady/Prudent patcher

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        I removed it and added it back. So far, I can not fill in my personal stored information. Or at least with Consumer Reports in filling out various petitions. And I am having issues again of accessing stored websites credentials as well. My vault is available. In case I have to enter in my various user names and passwords manually.

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      As far as I can tell after the latest security update with LastPass. All is back to normal. I have seen no issues whatsoever.

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