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    Happy New Year…………..followed the advice to update, Defcon 4, and found both my machines,  Win10 Pro 1909, were only offered the update to 2004. I intend waiting until the end of February to move up so hid the updates and rescanned and found no updates for 1909 on either machine. Are others finding the same and should I care ?

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      Did you set deferrals in update options or GP ?

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      Did you set TRV?

      cheers, Paul

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      Hi…………thanks for the replies. At updates I set ethernet to metered, resume updates and run wushowhide. With the latest defcon 4 I followed this procedure and 2004 was the only update offered. I hid it assuming that after pausing & then resuming, the new scan would pick up 1909 updates but it didn’t. Just said I was up to date.

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      Up to date is the best you can get.

      What is the last update check time?

      cheers, Paul

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      23.26 yesterday

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      Happy New Year. Just checked again if 1909 was offered security updates and found none but Windows Update now tells me “You’re not up to date”  “Your device is missing important security and quality fixes”, but doesn’t offer me any updates   Wushowhide only shows one hidden update “Feature update to Windows 10, version 2004”. It seems Microsoft is not waiting until the spring to close down 1909. Should I update to 2004 or wait ?

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        Given that v2004 seems more stable of late, I’d expect that you could feature upgrade from 1909. If you were to go ahead, I’d do it prior to Patch Tuesday 12th January.
        IMPORTANT: create a system image prior to upgrading should things go awry as a precaution.
        You may wish to read over: AKB2000016 prior to upgrade/post upgrade to check your settings.

        Keeping IT Lean, Clean and Mean!
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      On Monday I’ll be recommending that it’s okay to go to 2004.  I would go ahead and install 2004.

      Susan Bradley Patch Lady

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        How might I get  a clean ISO without using ms tool?

        Thank you!

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          Down the Windows ISO Download Tool from HeiDoc.net.
          Place it on your desktop and run it.
          Choose the latest Win10 2004 ISO for your bittage (32 or 64-bit)
          You can install by mounting the ISO on your computer and running setup.exe or you can create bootable media (DVD or USB).

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            Would it be preferable to install while off-line regardless of source( boot disk or from within windows?) Seems I read that at some point.


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              If you use an ISO, it is better to do the install off line.
              The install may change some of your settings (Windows Update for example). If you are offline you can go over your settings and be sure they are where you want them before you go online.

              Be sure you make an image before you start!

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              And staying offline is the best way to insure you end up installing a local account, not a Microsoft Cloud Account, if that is any concern.

              -- rc primak

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              That is an excellent piece of advice!!

              Thanks so much!

              Installing from 2004 from ISO worked out – sort of- I didn’t change the group policy setting to stay on 1909 but it doesn’t seem to matter- I checked win ver and was on 2004. So far so good. Then I set stay on 2004 in group policy and do not dl drivers. also, notify dont dl All other settings appeared the same. After connecting, it started dling nvidia control, and a adobe junk(I deleted that month ago.) other items and installing w/o asking. Ok all seemed well. This a.m, I checked and wushowhide and found a ton of things including dl 20h4! I didn’t put them there!

              Seems buggy already! Oh and lots of Intel junk again! After tomorrows release I ought to have quite a full hidden que!!!

              Wound up with version 2004 (OS Bld 19041.685 ) Is this including dec patch then or Nov?

              Again, thanks for the “cloud” info!



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              Alternatively you can stay connected if you want to allow Windows to check for updates/drivers during the install and when it gets to the account creation screen disconnect the internet and click back, it will then switch to a local account setup screen and you can then restore your internet connection to complete the install.

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              This may be a bit off point but I’ll let the mods check it out-seems on point to me. After the upgrade install of 2004 (from 1909) I also attempted upgrade on another device using the same instructions. I wound up w/ ver2004 bld 19041.264

              It appears I may have somehow missed some updates, I do not know how, Can you tell me what updates I might need to get in order to be up to date after Dec 8th patch? I would like to get current before Jan updates but since WU says up to date….??? ….WU says up to date as of 14:53 today(3feb)

              see attached for status of hidden updates.

              Typically confused,


              PS Final on other device update version 2004 (OS Bld 19041.685) , hence my confusion.

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              It appears I may have somehow missed some updates

              Windows identifies updates it thinks you need. If they don’t show up you don’t need them.

              Give it a few days to see if anything turns up, or run a manual scan: usoclient.exe StartScan

              cheers, Paul

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              Thnx Paul. WU checked this A.M. and still says I’m “up to date” I tried your suggested manual scan in an elevated command line and got no response at all-not sure what that indicates – seems odd this version is so far behind. Did I run your manual scan correctly?

              FWIW, device is acer e5-576G-5762 8mb ram

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              It starts the WU scan so you need to go to WU to see what’s happening.

              cheers, Paul

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        ?How about December (not November) patches?? I might have to run “Resume Updates.”


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          We are at MS-Defcon 4 for December patches, MS-Defcon 2 imminent for patch tuesday 12th of January

          Keeping IT Lean, Clean and Mean!
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      Same thing happens to me too, no cumulative update offered since October last year.

      Refer to post #2317295 .

      Only the feature update to 2004 present in the update queue. Hmmm!

      December’s update (KB4592449) once again installed from the catalog site.

      Why not just update this way each month and kill WU altogether?

      Anyone have any pointers?


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      Many thanks for all the responses. I decided to allow Wushowhide to show 2004 and then installed it as a Windows Update. All settings in GPedit were retained and only pain was Cortana and Edge being pushed yet again. Installed 2004 on 2nd machine the same way again with no problems.

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      Interesting but not surprising. Last week, an old friend called and asked me to get a desktop running that was in storage for 5+ years. It needed a CMOS battery to boot, then the updating started. It was running Windows 10, 15-something. After a few hours (it was a slow machine) it updated to 1909 and declared itself all-up-to-date. After a few restarts that didn’t change. I’ve always noticed those major updates don’t happen to computers that don’t run much.

      Anyway, I told my friend to expect more updating sometime soon.

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      Susan…  What about 20H2???  I just got this offered to me on 17 JAN…

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      We’re at Defcon2, not updating ’till next month – by which time there will be blog posts about 2004/20H2.

      cheers, Paul

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      In addition to the Heidoc.net tool mentioned above,and the Media Creation Tool, I know of two other ways to download an iso.

      Rufus: <b>Rufus</b> is a small application that creates bootable USB drives. It has built in links to several Win10 isos. Google if you can’t readily find them.  https://rufus.ie/

      or, if you want to get almost the latest iso direct from MS, use this method outlined below.

      I have used both of my suggested methods.


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