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    Today I’ve run wushowhide on my Windows 10 1809 Home system just to make sure there were no patches waiting in the wings and sure enough two new entries popped up after the scan:

    – KB4584227 – 2020-10 – Microsoft Edge Update for Windows 10 1809
    – Intel – System – 2035.15.0.1807

    I’ve hidden them both so far, but I’m wondering how best to handle these once woody raises the MS-DEFCON level to safe.

    Regarding the Intel System update, I can’t find any information on what this update actually is and thus whether I need it. Best I found is that “this update refers to the Intel MEI Drivers with Software Component Drivers“, which tells me close to nothing tbh. Does anyone know where I can find info on this update? The Intel website does not seem to help… Also, would you recommend installation once the MS-DEFCON is raised to safe?

    Regarding Edge, I understand that updating Edge through WU (as opposed to installing as a separate program) has the drawback of making uninstallation somewhat complicated. Since I plan to update to 1909 (offline using ISO 18363.592 and then allowing WU to update to the October CU) I’m wondering whether this will result in Edge being updated as part of the process (and make uninstallation difficult) and thus whether I should update to the new Edge now by downloading it from Microsoft and installing it as a separate program, such that I don’t run into trouble if I wish to uninstall it after the 1909 update.

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      Wait for the Defcon update and all will be revealed. 🙂
      Woody always explains the good, bad and ugly.

      cheers, Paul

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        The question might be do we need or even want any S/W for the IME to be running. I thought I had disabled mine in Device Manager but was surprised to see it enabled. Then I remembered eading something about it having a benign even beneficial function and re-enabled it.


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      I also have Intel System driver updates offered in WSUS, along with a Nuvoton, dated November 2011 through April 2018. Wondering why these ancient drivers are suddenly on offer–it seems they appeared after the upgrade to Win10 2004. Approve? Decline?


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      Thanks everyone for their input in the replies above.

      Regarding the Intel System patch(es) I’ll err on the side of caution and stick to the old rule of not installing driver updates and similar from Windows Update and rather look for a download from whoever is the provider of the relevant hardware (Intel in this case). I’m interested to see whether woody will address these Intel patches in his latest Computerworld article and what his advice is.

      As for the Edge update, I will not install that one and I will consider whether installing ChrEdge as a separate program once I have updated 1809 to 1909 now that we are at MS-DEFCON 3.

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      Found this article with some info on the old Intel drivers and why they are showing up now:


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        Found this article…

        Here are two other articles about an old Intel driver that is showing up, to prepare for 2004 (and maybe 20H2), it is said:

        Windowslatest, Dated Sept 28.

        Bleepingcomputer, dated Sept 29.

        Dell, HP, and Asus devices were targets. I got Intel – System – with no date given, but after it installed, the date was there: 7/18/1968. It didn’t appear as an optional update either; it was in the WU legacy queue. Furthermore, after I hid the first push, another push came the next day and it couldn’t be hidden b/c the first one was already hidden, and so it appeared with a “Download” button, blocking anything else that would later appear for downloading. Microsoft was to have pulled it back in September. But, that didn’t happen.

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      How do you hide Intel – System – 2035.15.0.1807 ?

      It does not show up in wushowhide for me.



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      Furthermore, after I hid the first push, another push came the next day and it couldn’t be hidden b/c the first one was already hidden,

      I have these Intel drivers updates hidden with Wumgr. They never re-appeared.
      You can’t trust Microsoft’s wushowhide to work properly.

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      I have only been on W10 for 2 months after many years on Win7. I can’t find out how to hide MS Updates in W10 Home.

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        Download wushowhide.diagcab from Microsoft.
        Place it on your desktop.
        Double click on it.
        Choose “Advanced” and uncheck “Apply changes automatically.”
        Hide or unhide updates.
        Read through AKB2000013 about how to clear the Windows Update queue after you hide updates. Scroll down the thread, @Matador has another good method to accomplish it.

        You might want to consider WUMgr for better control of Updates on Win10 Home.

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